Sunday, April 18, 2010

Spring Has Sprung

The weather's gorgeous and school's almost out, but I know Spring is here more than ever because of my scratchy throat and non-stop sneezing. Anyone else with me? Anyhoo, I thought since our frost chances have almost left, it'd be a great time to fill our DIY planters with some greenery!


This year I chose some boxwoods for the old hampers and some bright pink whoknowswhat for the concrete planters.


Cross your fingers for me that they live. I have a special talent of killing off pretty much any plant I come in contact with--go me. : )

Oh, and I didn't take a picture, but I think our peony bush may just flower this year!!! I am so excited especially since it hasn't bloomed in the last2-3 years since we planted it.

I'm also still loving my fabulous Overstock geometric rug {mine's black--but they only have brown left in the size I bought}.


They come in a multitude of different sizes and are so stylish and affordable. : )



Anonymous said...

Hi Joi! I love what you've done with this area. It looks great! The rug looks really fun and nice and the plant holders and plants are great. Good luck with the plants! (I have the same problem of things seeming to die off on me... sad).

micah said...

very pretty! love your pink flowers and that rug is da bomb :)

Kimberley said...

perfect for spring! i think those cute pink ones are a kind of dianthus, if you're curious. i have some in our garden and my mom told me what they were called - i had no clue, i just chose them 'cause of the color! :)

PS thanks so much for stopping by my new little blog and leaving a comment. :)

###### said...

i almost bought that rug for the it!

Unknown said...

Hi Joi-

It's beautiful. Lovely what a little sprucing up can do.


Unknown said...

The front of your flowers looks so fun with the flowers and I love your hamper planter idea!

Sharstin said...

so spring-ish! love it! those planter boxes are so fabulous--as it the run! how I love spring~

Suzie said...

Love the rug, Joi!

We planted 2 peony bushes last year and I was so scared they were not going to come up but they are growing so fast! Yay!

Freckles Chick said...

Your classy-chic graphic doormat is making my nasty one cringe in shame. It's like your mat is Audrey Hepburn and mine is Paris Hilton...AFTER it flashed our guests its underwear.

Oooh, looove the snappy pink flowers. I'm so happy your lovely planters are back in action!

Emily A. Clark said...

Hi Joi, Your entry looks so inviting. Love it!


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