Tuesday, May 5, 2009

DIY Planters

Last summer I blogged about some lovely little planters that I read about in the DIY magazine. Most recently you may have heard about this magazine by way of This Young House's John and Sherry who now contribute to it--congrats to them!

That magazine is my absolute favorite of all time because of the ideas I got from numerous articles inside, most notably my paint swatch art, that you can see in Niko's our guest bedroom!

Here are the DIY planters this Spring with their impatiens and spiky green thingies all ready to be in full bloom for this lovely summer to come! : )

Instructions and more info can be found in this blog post {with a link to the DIY website instructions for the planter project}!



John at This Young House said...

Oooh, those planters came out awesome. That DIY Magazine is so clever. I love how well you executed the project. Nice work!


PS: Love the paint swatch are too.

Andrea said...

Those planters look great! I might have to try making them myself!

Libbi said...

The planters are cool, but your guest room is GORGEOUS...seriously! You have talent in decorating!

Joi said...

Thanks guys!

John-love your blog! Thanks for taking time to stop by!

Libbi-I love my guestroom too--so that means alot!

Andmarie-the planters were easy...you should give it a try!

Norma said...

Joi, I love those planters,great job.


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