Hi, guys! I'm Joi [@joidan82 on IG]!

I've always been a shopper: window shopper, bargain hunter, thrift finder; you name it! I've partaken in many a shopping fête in my day. 

As the shopping experience has evolved, I've found numerous deals & inspiration via Instagram via pages such as Goodwillgems,  Targetdoesitagain, Budgetbabe, and Whoawaitwalmart.  I've for months been telling David that I wanted to share my finds somewhere, too. But what store was left? Has the market already been oversaturated with deal finders? 

No such thing, right? 

And then it came to me! Kmart, duh! It's underrated and overlooked but I promise fab finds are to be had. And, I've roped my shopping-obsessed college bestie into hunting out the deals with me! 

Say 'Hi!' to Ms. Anna, @stylefromaz!

She's a school librarian by day but has stylist dreams by night. She's a motivator, innovator, and the most loyal lady around. 

So while [my] blogging may be on the decline because, well, life...our shopping has never stopped. That will never die. 

And that's how #Kmartdidthat was born! We promise to bring you all the steals you never knew you needed! 

Many thanks for following along, fellow deal seekers! 


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