Monday, October 19, 2015

Townes Nova's Newborn Pictures

When we had Theron I never thought about getting newborn pictures. We took what the hospital offered and that was that. I never regretted it but knew that if we had another baby that I would most likely decide to have newborn pictures taken because they are just so darn cute. This time around, with Townes, I definitely knew I wanted Nicole to take his pictures. She is as talented as she is kind and bubbly! 

Nicole came out to our home when Townes was a little over a week old and took some lifestyle shots. She did a fabulous job and I am so happy I have these to treasure. Theron was in school or we definitely would have included him. I'm sure there will be many more photo ops for him to be included! 

I'll share a few of my favorites today! Oh, and recently someone commented on the blog asking how we came up with both of the boys' names and if I'd share. Of course I will! We chose Theron because it is one of David's favorite hockey players and his middle name Drake comes from a musician Nick Drake that David liked. We liked how the two names flowed together and so we have our Theron Drake. For Townes, his name comes from Townes Van Zandt, another musician who David really likes and his middle name Nova comes from a song, Supernova, by Ray LaMontagne that is super happy and carefree...a trait we hope our Townes possesses. It's kinda funny because we never really even considered any other names or looked through name books. Both names came to us very organically and they just felt right! 

Nicole is super talented and down-to-earth. I highly recommend her If you're located in the St. Louis Metro area; she is an obvious favorite photographer choice



Mandy Ford Art & Illustration said...

Precious! The one where he is in the brown swaddle is so gorgeous. So happy for you friend!

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

OH MY GAWWWW these are so good. Every one of them. Beautiful. Love the one with the two of you on the bed from behind the door. And the one of David and Townes is so great! And him in the little cocoon? LOVE LOVE LOVE

Unknown said...

Scott asked if he was named after Townes Van Zandt :). Wonderful pictures - he is precious!

kelly said...

congratulations, joi - he's precious!

Freckles Chick said...

Townsie boy is THE sweetest omg! You all are just a beautiful family, I can hardly stand it. Love the meanings behind the boys' names!



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