Thursday, May 21, 2015

DIY: Copycat Ribbon Wreath

Hi, guys! If I was a betting woman I'd wager no one stops around here anymore! I used to be obsessed with blogging, creating content, and reading 100s of blogs but somewhere down the line my priorities shifted or I got lazy--haha! I still pop in to some of my favorites but unfortunately [for me, at least] they've seemed to move on, too. Thank, God, for Instagram because I get to keep up with all my blog buddies from days past.  I feel like coming back to update this little space is almost like a reunion of sorts. 

The whole reason I'm having some time to sit down and get a post cranked out is because I'm on finals week and my students' finals aren't mandatory. It's a nice change of pace to actually be able to sit down at work, have some quiet time, and not be moving 100 mph all day! I had a decent teaching year [my 11th--say what?!?] but I'm looking forward to having the summer off to relax, spend a lot of quality time with my boys and reinvigorate myself for a hopefully better year 12!

Because I'm now obsessed with Instagram [joidan82 if you want to follow along!]--I guess one obsession just moved on to the next--I find myself buying and creating little things here and there that I've discovered via my friends' feeds or the explore option.  

The other evening I came across this beautiful DIY wreath via jenloveskev and knew I had to make a copycat version for my front door!

Jen said she used fabric scraps but for my version I used three spools of black and white striped ribbon from Michael's. 

I used a straw wreath form and kept the plastic on it as I wound the ribon around it. I used hot glue to secure it and the flowers as well. I really like Jen's color palette so I decided to not stray too far from it. I purchased all the flowers at Michael's as well and they had one of their 40% off sales so I scored all of my supplies for about $40. It took me about an hour [including a timeout for majorly burning my finger with the glue gun!] from start to finish. 

I hung it on our front door and I think it is the perfect wreath to welcome sweet summertime! 

I hope all of you are doing fabulous and maybe I'll be back here and there this summer! We do have some small updates taking place in our home and some more exciting ones as well! 

Thanks for checking in! 



Jeannine | The Small and Chic Home said...

Hi Joi! I'm home sick and decided to go through my [often neglected] Feedly. I was so happy to see your blog pop up on the screen.

I love the's happy, but those stripes keep it from being saccharine sweet. :)

So glad to hear I might see you pop up a few more times this summer!

Erin said...

cute wreath!! I may have to make one myself! I love black and white stripes and pops of color!

here's my instagram if you want to follow along! I live up in the Chicagoland area so we are (sort of) neighbors!

Anonymous said...

Great job sweetie! Glad you are getting back to doing the stuff you enjoy! Love you!


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