Tuesday, March 11, 2014

This and That

I will forever struggle at making blog titles. When it's just a simple post [which all of mine have been of late--real life] I get stumped. How many times can I say "House Update!"? Haha!

Anyhoo, this is just a small house update--of course--and I can really say I'm starting to love how it's coming along. The house is getting in its groove. Cheesy but true.

The entryway is coming along and I am totally digging it! The bench we got the other day really sealed the deal. I added some pillows I got from Ikea and H&M and it's even better!  I'm a fan of layering in home decor and it's looking good to my eye finally. The only thing I need to do is paint that doorbell box. I always say I'll do it and then I get distracted. I feel like I'm super scattered because I gotta make the most out of nap time. Ya dig, mommas?

We also added a little greenery [which I'll no doubt kill] and it instantly perks things up as well! 

And on a side note, randomly, on Sunday,  I was bad-mouthing the midwest and their lack of fiddle leaf figs for YEARS to the workers at Home Depot.  The nursery employees didn't even know what they were -- decor bloggers they were not. Haha!! So, same old story, I came home with two random house plants like always.  Later that night I was at Walmart and saw a whole slew of fiddle leaf figs just hanging out on the shelf.  Never in my many years of looking for them had I ever found them.  But here they were taunting me, in my own city.  Those clever little stinkers! I, of course, bought one and am headed back for another asap.  I'm sure their fate is not the best with me.  Whoops. Sorry in advance, little buddy.

I placed it in the living room for now but I really need to read up on their care and take serious steps to get this baby to grow.

And, while we're at it, I also added this H&M pillow to the green chair.  If you haven't checked out the H&M line you really should. It's good stuff!

That's it for now. Happy Tuesday! We're celebrating here with close to 80 degree temps! Peace out, polar vortex.



Anonymous said...

Your house is coming along so nicely-love it all! Do you mind sharing which Walmart you found the fiddle leaf with this local girl? Thanks!!! Marie

Heidi said...

I really like the bench in your entryway! I can't figure out if I want to make our entryway into a "pretty" area with a table and display or go the functional route with a hall tree. Hence why I've done nothing!


Kathy said...

I see you have mixed a lot of different metal finishes in your home and I love it but when it comes to my own home it intimidates me. Do you just keep adding things you love and go with it or what's your thought process ?

Jessica said...

Oh my gosh - I had no idea that H&M had a home line- thanks for the tip! ;)
I love that entryway bench, by the way! Everything looks great!

the millers said...

Your house looks fantastic. You have such an eye. I hear ya on the greenery - I kill all houseplants, yet I continue to buy them because I love how they look. It's a vicious cycle.

Aja said...

I love your home! It's so different from my home, but it so inspires me to mix it up more! I love the colors and mix- you do a great job!

Miss Chelsea said...

I love your house!

Jen @ RamblingRenovators said...

You are in the groove, lady! Your whole place is looking awesome... its like you've lived there for years! You've always been a master at the mix and I love the eclectic feel of it all.

AviLynn said...

80°?! We still have snow on the ground.
I love the h&m line. Your entryway is looking awesome!

Jesse @ Good Girl Gone Glad said...

Always so good girl! Love your updates! I think I nest every change of the season! LOL!

Freckles Chick said...

I dig the H&M line!! You are so awesome at achieving that carefully curated & collected look the rest of us try so hard to pull off. I just end up looking like I ransacked HomeGoods ;-)


Kristin@bliss-athome.com said...

Wowsa! I just came over from Freckles Chic because I had to see who created this fab entyway! Totall going to be addicted to your blog now- FYI. Watch out for a slew of comments coming your way! xo Kristin

Anonymous said...

Wonderful entryway!
could you please share the sources for the black and white basket on the bottom shelf of the console as well as your umbrella stand?
Thank you kindly!

Joi said...


Hi! The basket was from Target awhile back and I made the umbrella stand from an old trashcan. I spray painted it and then stenciled the greek key pattern!




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