Monday, November 18, 2013

19 Months

Dear Theron,

It's been a couple of months since my last letter to you, so I thought I'd catch you up on where you're at now that you are 19 months.  Here is what says about you:

New this month: Versed in verbs

The vocabulary of a typical 19-month-old toddler may consist of as few as ten words or as many as 50. Yours may be able to link two or more words together, and is starting to use more "action" words. Verbs like "go" and "jump" are common, and so is linking a verb with her name (or pronoun), as in "Come me," meaning "Come with me." (It will be some months before she inserts the preposition.) Many 19-month-olds are also well-versed in direction words such as "up," "down," "under," "out," and "in."

If they mean "doing" those verbs or "going" in those directions, then you are right on.  If they mean "saying" those words and verbs and "saying" those directions, then... As of right now we are in the 2nd of the 2 groups.  You've still decided that talking ain't your bag.  We are still working with your speech doctor and working with you by focusing on sounds, but we still don't have any words...or hard syllables (on a routine basis).  But as we've said before you know what a lot of words mean and you seem to learn new words really easily.

You have really been growing and even though you may not say those action words, a lot of those action words can be used to describe you:

- Slider:

- Circle-runner/Aunty-dizzier:

- Nose-picker/focus-off-mommy-taker:

- Glass-"cleaner":


-Remote Control car-driver:

- Shopper:

- Climber (most parents probably dread this skill but we love that you finally are going up things like a kid):

- Squatter (he's ready to go camping):

- Tight space-goer:

- House destroyer (mommy loves this one):

- Biker:

- Greaser:

- Self-feeder:

- Crawler (FINALLY!):

- Typer:

- Book-listener:

- Book-reader:

- Self-lover:

- Vacuumer:

- Car-fixer:

- Maraca-player:

- Stuffed animal-lover:

- St. Louis Cardinals-supporter:

- Heart-back-breaker:

- This face-maker:

- See-fooder:

- Graffitier:

 - Swinger:

- John Deere-lover:

- Outside-lover:

And of course... big truck-lover:

- Trick-or-treater:

Dude,  me and your mom love you so much and we hope that you always look up to us!


Mom and dad


Emily @ DavenportDIY said...

T- you make THE BEST faces. You are adorable- keep on being awesome little man :)
PS: yay John Deere!

lauren M said...

Love this! Travis was impressed with his love for big machines! I think a trip to our shop is a must for this little man!!

Freckles Chick said...

These recaps kill me w/ cuteness & I'm just awed at how he's grown so! And humor, thumbs up, D.

Also? Theron's actions speak louder than words. Much like Quinn. Just ask any of the restaurants we've dined in & had to leave due to meltdowns ;-)

Freckles Chick said...

PS. I'm catching these glimpses of your kitchen update & am craving more more more!!


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