Monday, May 7, 2012

One Month: My Baby Must-Haves

When I was pregnant I scoured the internet for mommy blogger must-haves and questioned my best friend, Cori, about her baby faves. I saved lists/items/gadgets to pinterest and made wish lists on Amazon. I wanted to be as prepared as humanly possible and wanted to know what I could possibly need/not live without. It was fun and just a bit overwhelming! It's a good thing love me some shopping,

Fast forward a few months and I am flabbergasted at how fast time flies! I am so happy to say we made it through Theron's first month and now I have a group of my one month favorites. Crazy to think I'm a mommy. Still. so.weird. My picks below have truly been a life saver in many ways and I recommend them to you future mommies out there who may be overwhelmed with the never ending choices you're faced with while registering and/or shopping {being overwhelmed is more like it!} at Babies R Us.

Let's get to the goodies, shall we?


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1. This is my favorite thing of all of the items, the Baby Connect App. Thank you modern technology! What you see above is a screen shot of an absolutely awesome app for your phone. It has been invaluable to David and me. I use it to track T's weight & stats, save doctor's appointments/questions, track his feedings & diaper changes {very important--since he's getting breast milk it's incredibly important to keep count of his wet ones!}. It times everything out, has charts and customizable screens...I could go on forever. Seriously, please invest in this app if it's the one thing you buy. : )

2. The boppy. Does this really need an intro? It goes with me from the bedroom to the couch every.single. day. It keeps the little dude propped in place during those marathon-around-the-clock feedings.

3. Our stroller, the 2011 UppaBaby Vista {Mica}. I've loved this stroller for years, literally. While some may scoff at the price, it honestly did not matter to me and did not deter me from wanting it. I say that because I saved my mypoints for Amazon giftcards for years before I got pregnant knowing that this stroller is what I would someday spend them on. Plus, David's parents generously gifted us the remainder of what my gift cards {accumulated over 5 years of never cashing them in} didn't cover. David and I have already taken Theron on numerous walks and we love the UppaBaby. Right now T's in the bassinet feature and looks all comfy on his little jaunts. I can't say enough good things about this stroller. It was and is love.

4. SwaddleMe blankets. We registered for these not knowing if we'd use them or not. In fact, for the first couple weeks we didn't use them. Then one night, I convinced David that Theron needed a bedtime routine and that maybe swaddling should be a part of it. I don't know if Theron's a fan of them or not but I do know he sleeps a solid chunk of time being in these bad boys. He occasionally busts one or both of his arms out but mostly stays all wrapped up like a little burrito.

5. The Sleep Giraffe. This is another piece that's become part of our bedtime routine. Again, I don't know if T likes it or not but we turn it on every.single. night. My favorite sound is the white noise and if it's part of the equation for him sleeping two 3-4 hour stretches then I will gladly keep Mr. Giraffe doing his thing!

6. The Cloud B Twilight Turtle. Again, this is another item that's become a part of our bedtime routine. We make sure to turn it on before we put Theron in his crib and it lights up the whole room. Theron's been a pretty great sleeper since birth so if the turtle is helping the turtle can stick around!

7. The Newborn Lounger. I didn't even know this thing existed until David insisted we get it. He had heard from one of his coworkers that it was a staple item. I must strongly agree with that person. For the first two weeks Theron would nap here and hang out here all of the time. As he started getting more alert and fussy, he wasn't as big a fan of it. I still use it for him during my showers and sometimes during his naps. Theron can be sound asleep on me after a feeding and when I go to place him on the lounger he wakes up and wants back in my arms. We still really love it because it is so light, comfortable, and most of all useful.

8. The AngelCare Monitor. This came highly recommended from two friends that have babies of their own. I am obsessed with this monitor and am so glad we registered for it. It has a temperature display {so I know his room is always kept between 67-72 degrees} and a breathing monitor to let me know little T is still ok in his crib. It gives me peace of mind and I would almost pay anything for that. While I was pregnant I had planned on Theron sleeping in the Rock N Play next to our bed for sometime but one night I was up reading the Amazon reviews and could not shake the negative ones. So that same night {very early on} we moved Theron to his crib {Dave slept on the floor} and he's been a champ in there ever since. This happened a whole heck of a lot sooner than I had planned and I'm comforted by the fact that our house is so small and his room is right across the hall. I'm super paranoid about him but thankfully I think this will be the best option for all of us now and down the line.

9. Diapers {with the wet stripe indicator}. David and I plan on using reusable diapers when Theron gets a little bigger but we found ourselves loving any diaper brand with the wet indicator stripe. I have been a freak about charting all of T's dirty and wet diapers since I am breastfeeding and that's really the only way to know if he's staying hydrated and fed. The wet stripe really helped David and I tell what was happening in that little ol' diaper. : )

10. Hand Sanitizer Dispenser. I saw this idea on Pinterest and thought, "that's cute!" I never thought I'd use it as much as we do! We use it every single time we do a diaper change and really many other times too. It looks so much prettier than some old plastic bottle and I'm glad Pinterest showed me the idea.

11. Aden + Anais Blankets. I had read numerous bloggers gushing over these but didn't think about registering for them. I fell in love with the skull and star pattern via 77 Kids and ordered them primarily for that reason. While we don't use them to swaddle, we do use them to cover the carseat, as a blanket, and as a pillow to prop T's head up to nurse. They are breathable and light and I love their versatility.

12. Shea Moisture Organic Ointment. I just discovered this goodness the other day at Walgreen's. I picked it up to have more diaper ointment on hand and was pleasantly surprised by the fresh scent. I am so in love with it that I am going to order the body cream and wash for myself. It is divine. -->Update: Theron just got a little bum rash and unfortunately this stuff smelled amazing but didn't do the healing as good as our Butt Paste. I still love this ointment for a moisturizer and smell good, but it's not cutting it as a healer.

13. Nursing Tanks. Oh, breastfeeding. I could seriously talk your ear off with my feelings about breastfeeding. It has been a complete emotional rollercoaster. I am pleased to say I have made it over a month breastfeeding and am continuing to take each day as it comes. It's hard--that is no joke. These nursing tanks are amazing and I wear them every single day. I love that it allows only the breast to be exposed but keep the rest of you covered. I highly recommend them for home and at the hospital.

14. Newborn Size Clothes. This probably seems obvious to many of you but it wasn't to David and me. So many people advised us to pass on newborn clothes and we did. However, Theron is a month old, nearly 10 pounds, and still too little for most of his 0-3 clothes. I wish we would have purchased more newborn sized items but I guess you live and learn.

15. Munchkin Disposable Pads. My best friend, Cori, had sent these to me as a recommendation to use on the changing pad cover. These have been wonderful for us. For a couple weeks, Theron would pee and poop every single time we changed him. The boy was super fond of his open air accidents. David and I found ourselves washing the two changing pad covers all of the time. With these disposable pads we can just place them directly on top of the covers and keep them safe from those accidents. The pads aren't super cheap but totally worth it.

16. Medela Lanolin. To help soothe my body during those first weeks of breastfeeding this cream was superb. I also used the Lansinoh version but the Medela version is so much softer and gentler. And since the main reason you're using it is for the sensitivity, this Medela version is a no-brainer.

Phew--what a post! I hope this was a little bit helpful for you sweet mommies-to-be.



Bunny @ 86n It said...

Great list!
I'm with you on the tracking app. People thought I was crazy, but it was my #1 best thing I did! I used "Total Baby" but this was 2 years ago.

Eli said...

So glad to hear you are doing well and yes, it is such a feeling (being a mom didn't sink in for me for a while). I agree on so many of these things. As a new mom, I thought I had my basics covered by asking friends, internet, etc. As it turns out, I already have a list of what I would change/get next time based on my experience with my little guy. Like you said, you live and you learn. Keep enjoying T, they grow up too fast

Chris | Team Sea-Squared said...

So helpful - thank you so much for the list! I immediately updated our registry :)

Unknown said...

Love #'s 2 & 4! Just ordered #5 the other day {and my son is 11 months-old}. Such a great list!


Sabrina said...

All those things are awesome! We used a lot of them. And we still use our sleep giraffe for our 1 year old! Love it!

Cori said...

Great list! Isn't it funny how one day you know nothing and a month goes by and you have a survival list?! And yay for still going strong on breastfeeding. I knew you could do it :-) Whatever you decide, a month is more than nothing and he looks to be very happy and healthy. You four must be doing something right to keep him a happy camper.

Julie S. said...

LOVE this list! I love my baby connect app- it has been a lifesaver. I didn't know about the newborn lounger- that thing looks awesome! :) Glad to hear things are going well for you!

Leah said...

I had to share, try the Undercover Mama nursing tanks. They hook to your bra making every shirt you own a nursing shirt. These got me back into cute clothes faster and flattens my tummy since they are tight and stretchy!

Sarah Baker said...

Thank you so much Joi! I love reading lists like this, and I've updated my registry as well! I'm 26weeks and starting to get nervous about everything, but I know it will be great! Can't wait to have little Annie Beth here! Congrats again!


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