Tuesday, December 20, 2011

25 Weeks Today

Since announcing our pregnancy on the blog I've neglected to share some pictures with you guys. We hit the 25 week mark today and I seem to be ever-expanding. This pregnancy has been quite the journey and I can't wait to meet our little guy at the end. I think my bladder shrinks daily--I've never seen the bathroom so much in my life. Hope that wasn't too much information! ; )

My sweet husband takes weekly, if not every 2 weeks (we sometimes forget), photos of yours truly so that we'll have something to remember this time by. My little sweetie, Niko, seems to make an appearance in every shot. I ♥ that dog.


I've got nursery plans all ready to go and I can't wait to share them with you guys! Hope everyone is enjoying this last week before Christmastime.



Megandvd@Beauty in the Attempt said...

You look SOOO cute! Glad I am not the only sporting a belt here and there. :) I can't wait to see more and to see those nursery ideas.


Angie Helm Interiors said...

Such a stylish look! What and exciting time!

Lauren Clark @ Prudence Design Spot said...

you are just adorable preggo - I hope i look that cute when I get pregnant one day!

Cori said...

You look so cute... no surprising! Ah... 15 weeks to go!

Melissa Beck said...

You look gorgeous, as always!
Love ya and can't wait to see him when he's here :)

Sharstin said...

you are darling! love your tiny lil bump~ can't believe you are 25 weeks! so exciting:)

JB said...

You are so cute Joi, but you always have been, I am so happy for you and Dave!!!

The Waits said...

you are so cute!


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