Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tuesday Randoms

So yesterday I mentioned that David and I got to do a little shopping on our Friday off of school this past week. We hit up a handful of stores and I ran across some things for our little guy on the way. Dave's taken to calling him "little dude" and the name has stuck. The Big Lebowski may or may not have had a lot of influence on this nickname choice. Only my husband...

Anyhoo, we first made a stop at Bed Bath and Beyond and I score this pillow for $4! I really like it and envision it on the future glider. For $4 it's no biggie if it doesn't work in the long run.


It was on the clearance rack plus I used my 20% off coupon. And, p.s. just a little FYI...our BB&B takes as many coupons as you have items plus they never expire even if they have an expiration date on them. Good to know.

We then hit up Burlington Coat Factory and I scored the little dude a pair of adorable moccasin booties.


Who knows if he'll ever wear them in the right season but I just couldn't pass them up.

We also made stops at TJ Maxx and Hobby Lobby where I scored some fabulous pink and leopard print wrapping paper. I am really ready for Christmastime this year! I also saw a couple things that I thought you guys might like.

First is this set of keys. They are the exact ones that I bought in Spain a couple of years ago and framed in my bedroom.



Next up I spotted this pretty large stencil for around $15! If I had room somewhere in this tiny house of ours this may be something I'd try.


On Saturday David cleared out the baby's room, I had a long overdue lunch with a great group of ladies, and we celebrated my in-laws 32nd wedding anniversary with a great dinner.


(My cellphone used to take pretty decent pics until Dave dropped it in a sink full of water--whoops! It doesn't help that this room is tiny and it was nighttime, too. )



I was so thankful to my brother in law and father in law for helping David move a dresser from our master bedroom to the garage and help find the source of a leak in our car. We're blessed to have such handy and loving people in our lives.

On Sunday my grandparents and mom came up to meet us for lunch and my mom rocked her sewing skills to make me the bolster pillow I have been talking about for months {here and here}. Here's the Old Navy sarong that we used as fabric. Pics to come soon!


She did a great job and I am so thankful. Thanks, mom. Love you! xoxo

And I couldn't leave out one of my sweeties...Scoutie bear did what she does best all weekend by lounging around in the sun.


Did you have a great weekend?



Unknown said...

So fun! I LOVE your bedroom, it looks so cozy but very stylish. So when are you due?! Baby boys are so fun, more than you'd imagine =) Oh and I also love those ikat curtains!

Caitlin @ Desert Domicile said...

Great finds! I love those little moccasins and am excited to see how your bolster pillow turned out!

Unknown said...

I love the key frame you made, I want one!


Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

I simply cannot wait to see what you do with that baby's room!

Sharstin said...

those little moccasins are to die for--darling~ such great finds,,,as always! excited to see the pillow!

Anonymous said...

I love the piece of art work (of your initials) you have hanging on the wall below your keys!!!!! Did you make it yourself? What is the background? LOVE it!

JB @ oneofthelovebugs.wordpress.com


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