Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What's Good In Your Hood {North Jersey}

Happy hump day, everybody! We made it to the middle of the week and we're sliding right into the weekend. I just have to say that I have absolutely been in love with our fall weather here recently. It's so refreshing to have the windows open and start wearing hoodies. I can't wait to buy some mums and pumpkins for our front porch.

$40 Mirror
{I'd love to see it painted gold and spray painted with some chalkboard paint!}

$45 Bench
{This is *exactly* what I'm looking for to put in my home}

$150 Secretary

$95 Trunk

$75 Coffee Table

$299 Marble Table

$ ??? Etagere

$299 Pair of Pedestals

$399 Console Table

$90 Coffee Table

$475 Brass Table
{It reminds me of my friend, Carmel's, lovely coffee table. Her's was a much better deal, though!}

If you want me to search your craigslist, check the list in my sidebar -- > to see if your city's in the lineup, if not, send me an email to and I would be happy to add it to the list!



Lisa @ Lisa Moves said...

That console table is no longer available--I bought a week or two ago :-)

You can see it here:

The guy who sold it has an estate sale company, and he has really good stuff all the time. If only I had more room.

Unknown said...

Love them all....again!

jandjhome said...

I love that mirror. Im always on the hunt for them.

Kim @ Yellow Brick Home said...

Holy moly. I love it all!

Limited Edition Prints said...

Love that secretary!

Sharstin said...

I will take the trunk and great mirror~

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh that is crazy - it's my coffee table's twin! ;) I feel so good about what I paid! I'm in love with that mirror- I'd love to have something like it in my daughter's room!

A room with a view said...

Could use a console table like that but would have to add color to it. Love that brass coffee table. NJ is across the water from me so some of the items are worth looking at.


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