Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What's Good In Your Hood {NYC}

Well, today should be easy enough....we're headed to NYC and I've got big hopes for this craigslist return. Let's get to it!





{Look at those lines! They want to be outlined in gold to bring out the Draper!}





If you want me to search your craigslist, check the list in my sidebar ---> to see if your city's in the lineup, if not, send me an email to and I would be happy to add it to the list!



Tonia Lee Smith said...

OH MY! NYC has some good stuff. I love that bar cart and they brass headboard.

Hilary @ My So-Called Home said...

Ah my backyard headed there tonight actually. That bar cart is fabulous and the Greek key headboard, seriously awesome.

Lisa @ Lisa Moves said...

the draper dresser is already gone :(

lemondropdreams said...

I wish I lived in NY! I would take the bar cart & Draper dresser...and the credenza!

Caitlin @ Desert Domicile said...

$60 for that Draper-esque dresser?! Really wishing I lived in NYC right now haha

emily said...

Wow! There are some amazing things in NYC!

Karen said...

I love that desk bar cart and cabinet. Great stuff!

The Waits said...

hey Joi, wondering if you could hop on over, and take a look at these two couches i spotted at the thrift store. I want to know your opinion! Thank so much!

Erin - Dwell and Tell said...

I've surfed craigslist in NYC just for fun a couple of times... Such great stuff!


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