Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What's Good In Your Hood {Oahu}

Happy hump day, folks. It looks like we've made it to the middle of the week and it's a possibility that we may get some substantial snow tonight. It's also going to get really cold by Friday so who knows how much school I'm looking at for the end of the week. Time will tell...

I DO know that I'd l-o-v-e to be in Hawaii right now! Oahu is actually where my mom, maw maw, and I are going to rendezvous in the summertime. Aloooooha!






{Think about what a great coat of paint could do for this!}






If you want me to search your craigslist, check the list in my sidebar ---> to see if your city's in the lineup, if not, send me an email to and I would be happy to add it to the list!



Megandvd@Beauty in the Attempt said...

There are so many things I love...I heart that $75 chair. It is so beautiful. Oh why doesn't Louisville have a better hood? Hahaha!


milvdk said...

Look at those $30 chairs! Gah. I wish I was back in Oahu. As though it wrnt enough that they live in Oahu!

Karen said...

I'm so over winter... enough already!However I do love that dresser and mirror.

JC said...

How do you find such low priced items when you search craigslist?? I'm so jealous everytime you post this series. I check the NJ craigslist all the time, and it is almost cheaper to buy new furniture than to buy any furniture off of craigslist in my area! :(

Caitlin @ Desert Domicile said...

Oh what great finds! LOVE that $30 coffee table!

jonalynn said...

Oahu is bringing the Craigslist heat! <3 all of those fabulous finds!

I'll send some of the abnormally high temps we've been getting in Phoenix your way.

lemondropdreams said...

I love that tray! Kansas City's craiglist is a joke. Looks like you'll be getting our snow, we're looking at getting 6-9" tonight!!

Danavee said...

My sister is over there RIGHT NOW! Spending three months in her condo. Lucky dog. Unfortunately, us teachers can't just randomly leave work for a week to gallivant on the beach, right?

Sharstin said...

oh how i would love to be in hawaii right about now! i am pretty much done with winter:) loving that mirror!

Lindsay @ Hello Hue said...

I'm so tempted to call about those orange vintage chairs! But I have NO idea how to reupholster and I have no room for them. Ack! But they're 15 minutes from my house!

My mattress is on Craigslist, why didn't you pick that to put up! :)

KT @ KT's Refinishing School said...

My aunt and uncle live in Hawaii in Oahu(lucky ducks!) and I will be sharing this with them so they can check it out :)

Thanks for sharing!

Erica Cook said...

Amazing finds... new to your blog via gw hunting. :) Erica


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