Friday, July 9, 2010

California Recap: Part Two

I have a feeling this California Recap series is going to have a lot of parts so bear with me if ya'll are tired of family photos. : ) On our second day of our vacay we had breakfast at the lovely, and rated #1 on trip advisor, The Cottage.


David was in heaven with his mashed potato omelette and ate every last bite; I was in the same heaven with my banana pancakes.


I'm telling you, it doesn't take much to make this duo happy campers.

We then took a stroll along the cliffs of La Jolla and got to check out the beautiful scenery and the sweet little seals in the cove.


I love sea animals and seriously contemplated going into marine biology but then remembered I may just have to be really, really good at science and that just wasn't happening.

Later that afternoon my father in law, mother in law, David, and I took a drive out to Coronado Island and walked around a bit. It was stunning and so timeless.


By this point in the trip we had made friends with our GPS and were no longer driving in circles correcting our misturns. Oh, how fun it was!

Later that night we sealed it off with my first and maybe only trip to In-n-Out and did a little shopping. I have to say that it was pretty dang tasty and I give it two thumbs up! : )


Stay tuned for the next part {coming who knows when} where we venture to Hollywood! : )



Courtney said...

Joi, that photo of you two in front of the ocean is just beautiful! Perfect setting, and a great couple! :)

Shannon said...

I love seeing other people's vacay pics! I think we're all a lil creepy that way :) But these totally brought back memories when I was out in La Jolla, like 10 years ago! Man I'm gettin old. And cute outfit too!

Katie said...

mmmm.... In & Out... so good! :)

leah @maritalbless said...

Jealous. Just jealous. :)

Nikki said...

So funny that a lot of your trip photos are the same as my last trip to San Diego. Except for In and Out. We never made it and now I'm dying for some!

Unknown said...

Looks like fun! Love In & Out - yummy burgers, but i'm not a huge fan of the fires, lol

Unknown said...

Love inn n out.. so good and i think the midwest definitely needs one or 2

Allison aka Half of VAMH said...

FWIW I love looking at vacation pictures! Our trip two months ago is still making its way onto my blog - ugh!

Isn't California the best? We went there two years ago and I have been dying to move there ever since. Feels like home to me..

Sharstin said...

what great picts and a fabulous vaca! I love cali!

Freckles Chick said...

Beautiful pics, J! You guys really made the most of your time there, I'm so impressed.

Awww, yours & D's initials in the sand are frameworthy. Seriously, frame that shiznit ASAP! =]

(I never realized it until you said it, but you are SO right, Mr. FC bears a striking resemblance to CJ from RW. HA!!! Love it! Of course, CJ's quite a bit buffer. Mr. FC was all, hey that's MY body. Riiight.)

Oona Johnson said...

I think it would take every ounce of my self-control, will-power, and the Mister holding me back to keep me from attempting to pet the sea-lions. Precious!


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