Tuesday, June 15, 2010

YouTube: Beauty Gurus

I mentioned awhile back, in some post that has now left me, that I love watching You Tube beauty videos. A couple of you asked who I favored and I'm not sure I got back to you!

Well, two of my most favorite girls are Lexie from Lexxieloves:

And, Tiffany D from Makeup by TiffanyD:

I find their advice {and numerous videos} very helpful and mostly thrifty! : ) Hope you like them, too!



Emily @ EMILY POSTS said...

I seriously can't stop watching Lexieloves videos on youtube! I'm not a makeup person at all, due to lack of skills. She gives me hope!

Sharstin said...

How fun. I love good makeup tips, and these are great! Thanks chick:)

Jenny @ Anything Pretty said...

This just added a entire afternoon of entertainment. Thanks for the links!

Emily Ide said...

i am def. not in to things like this, but i cant stop watching lexie's videos either. i have watched them all. i think you and lexie could pass for sisters.

kashyakoosh said...

I agree with the other emily, you can def pass for sisters, shes a cutie. I like her personality it comes through as super friendly and approachable, like I would think you are as well. But whatevs'.
I also wanted to add that I watch a couple of women on youtube that I absolutely love, check them out



tiffany I just started watching but I like her too

Joi said...

Thanks, girls! I think Lexxie is a doll so saying I resemble her is such a compliment!

Katie R said...

One of my friends was wearing this OPI color last night and I'm on a mission to get it!

Anonymous said...

i love watching beauty vids on youtube.my favorite is meganheartsmakeup.can u please check out my channel and subscribe if you like it-blondefashion01


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