Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What's Good In Your Hood {Omaha}

It's Wednesday and time for our newest craigslist hunt. We're off to Omaha this time around and it seems as if the pickins' were slim. Let's see what I was able to round up!

{I love this thing!}

{I think this would be excellent painted!}

{A little spray paint and a new shade would do wonders!}

I hope someone found something that might work perfectly for them! If you want me to search your craigslist just send an email to and I'll add it to the list.

Happy humpday, folks. : )



Torey said...

Quick question. . .do you only look at items that are posted on Wednesday? Or do you look through the previous few days as well? Just wondering b/c Omaha usually has a lot of cool things available. . much more than you found.

Nikki said...

I'm not allowed to buy anything off of craigslist right now. Omaha has some great stuff! I would have bought it all up if I lived there...and had the room.

Unknown said...

slim pickings?!! this was your best haul yet! i LOVE the $175 farmhouse table, the $30 octagonal coffee table, AND the $25 end table! you are the best at this.

Joi said...

@Torey-Most days, yes. I start the weekend before, but as you know sometimes things get bought and sold within hours of I hate to post things that aren't super recent. And, while you think there are "much more cool things" than I was able to find, I guess to each their own. My blog=my tastes. : )

@Nikki & @Designdarling-Thanks! I love me some craigslist. I'd buy everything too if I could! : )

Torey said...

Sorry if I sounded snotty. . . I was just looking way forward to Omaha (as we live near there). So everytime I'm on craigslist I think "hmmm, this would be cool on Joi's list". So I was pretty excited when I saw Omaha was on display today, but then disappointed b/c there wasn't nearly as much cool stuff as usual. But you are right, so many people leave their posts up for a week even though the stuff is already sold. Anyway, didn't mean to come off like a brat, more disappointed that my city didn't perform as expected. :)

Sarah said...

Thanks for searching Omaha, Joi! And I is VERY slim pickings around here. I search CL all the time and never find anything good {or everything is really overpriced}. Love the farmhouse table you found!

Sharstin said...

love that end table :)

Joi said...

@Torey-No biggie. I gotcha : ).

@Sarah-Who knew Nebraskans were so pricey?

@Sharstin-Me too!


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