Friday, June 26, 2009

Pictures and Reflections on a Dinner

Joi has become quite skilled at editing her pictures with Photoshop. What you may not know is that I too can edit pictures with Photoshop and decided to let you see what I've been working on. Any and all feedback is appreciated.

Here is Niko and Koty at a luau in Hawaii. Those 2 had quite a time over there. Unfortunately they felt uneasy when they saw an animal being roasted. I wonder why they are so sympathetic towards eating animals? I used a nice Vintage action on this one.

Here is a self-portrait of Joi and Niko. I always tell Niko not to tilt his head into the picture because it cuts the person next to him out. Some kids never learn. He really has grown hasn't he? Seems like only yesterday he could curl up right in my lap. I decided to use a Sepia-tone action on this one.

This is kind of a silly one those two took in the car. Like mother like son I guess. Since it was a silly picture I used a silly action: cartoon. I'm so funny!

For Connie's birthday we went to the Melting Pot to eat. Here is Niko and Joi enjoying their food. We didn't tell Niko that he was eating meat. We're so mean! If you look closely you can see how much of his adult teeth have come in. Really quite impressive. I decided to give this one a nice 70's feel. He probably won't like this because the 70's cuts a little too close to his anti-Elvis sentiment.

On an unrelated note, last night I got out of the house (Niko was sick of me) and I went out to eat to a dainty little tea room called Golden Gate in Granite City. I would feel less masculine for using the adjective "dainty" but I'm not sure there are any more manly words that could be used for a tea room. I went with mom, dad, sis, and her 2 friends Lynn and Debra. I just want to say that I've got a cool family and Em has 2 really good friends in those 2. We had quite little meal and then off for desert at Mr. Twist (or Twistie Mister or "It's a twista It's a twista" (you know, from "The Wizard of Oz")) which is a landmark in Granite City. I also learned 2 very important lessons last night: 1)Next time you go to a pharmacy and the person working there is a "tech" or "technician" don't ask them a question about what medicine to take because they are not allowed to answer questions like that and if they do they can get fired. 2)If you are making a citizen's arrest and you have tackled the culprit to the ground and he says he needs to pull his pants up after you chased him, don't let him because it is all just a ruse so he can escape.


Joi said...

Ok, so you have me dying over here. When I had you take over I had no idea the blog would head in this direction. Hopefully people aren't scared away!!!

Love you, Dave!

And, I miss everyone and can't wait to come home and share all my fun stories!

Lynn said...

Love the photo skills! Me and Debra really enjoyed dinner too! I'm glad you made it! Next time you will have to bring Joi along though!

Anna said...

Boy, that Niko gets around! It looks like he and Joi have so much fun!

Glad to see you are making excellent use of your alone time.

Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!

J said...

Dave looks like your having fun and those pics are too funny!!! I dont mind dave doing this blog he gives us some good laughs and we miss you Joi!!!! It will be awhile before i see you again, i might just have to make a trip up sometime to visit you and look at that fixed up home since i was last there. Dave enjoy your the days are passing by.


Debra said...

Ahhaha...too funny! Those are some crazy good photo editing skills ; ) Thanks for the recaps on the lessons of the night. Hope none of us are making any citizen's arrests anytime soon!!! I really did love dinner at the tea room with the fam- we need to do it again soon (with Joi like Lynn said)!

Freckles Chick said...

That hog. Who does his hair? It looks FABU.

As much as I miss Joi, I'm loving your posts, Dave!


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