Friday, December 31, 2010

My Best Of Twenty Ten

It's been such a great year! I'm pretty sure I say that every year, but it really has been one heck of a ride.

I am beyond thankful that so many of you take the time out of your day to come visit our little blog. Your kindness is one of the reasons I smile so much!

I thought of no better way to round up the past year than with my favorite and most popular posts from this grand old year.

Let's take a stroll through those months that flew by so quickly...

We, okay, I decided on an office makeover. Thankfully David worked his math magic or else these chevron curtains would be.... well, they wouldn't be!


At this time, we'd only had Scoutie Bear for a couple of months. Today, she's the best addition this family could have ever hoped for!


This month we added a little more zing to the office. Guess I'm a sucker for color? ; )


The kitchen got a face lift and my father-in-law built one heck of a table! Thanks, Dan!


We showered the bride-to-be with a wonderful little soiree of fun!


I visited California, went skydiving, got a new brother-in-law, purchased my first LV, and met Britney Spears?!?! Great trip!


Don't call me a youtube guru just yet. Haha. Or ever for that matter! ; )

Best towels-turned-pillows project ever. I thank Home Goods everyday for having this pattern available to me. It was love at first sight! Thanks to my mom for being an awesome seamstress, as well! : )


Who would've thought I would have ever had a chance at winning? Thanks to everyone who voted! : D


I met THE Nate Berkus, spent a whirlwind 24 hours in NYC, and had the time of my life. It's safe to say that I'm still on cloud nine!


I thought the kitchen needed a little somethin' somethin'. Stripes + campaign dressers cure everything!


I get to be on TV again?!? The dream has just begun!

Wow, what a year! Thanks for being a part of my happiness, everybody. I am wishing you the best new year and I hope 2011 is the start/continuation of absolutely wonderful things.

You all deserve the best.



Anonymous said...

What a great year in deed! You deserved this for all your hard work on your home you are a great decorator and wish you the best for 2011 cannot wait to see what this year brings you to share with us. Happy New Year Joi & Dave and Niko & Scout!!!!!

Sharstin said...

what a great year! you are so talented girly~ happy new year!

Karen said...

Wonderful projects and a great year,have an even better 2011!!!

Kristen said...

Happy New Year!!! I cant wait to see what new and exciting things happen to you and your blog in 2011

Chandra Chinnis said...

I am new to blogging and am in love with yours. I love the things you do and am inspired to start decorating my home in 2011. I have some pics up of the first two things I want to start with on my blog. I would love any suggestions that you may have for them. Stop by at

Caitlin @ Desert Domicile said...

Such a great year Joi! 2011 is going to be even better, I'm sure :)

Megandvd@Beauty in the Attempt said...

Happy New Year Joi! Just looking at 2010 for you...I am giddy with excitement in what 2011 has in store for you. I am sure it will involve be fabulous and famous all rolled into one.


Jesse {GoodGirlGoneGlad} said...

What a fantastic year! Wishing you all the best in 2011!!

###### said...

happy 2011

Jennifer said...

What a year....It's fun to reflect and then look forward to what the new year brings!

Liz @ It's Great To Be Home said...

What a fabulous year! It's been fun to follow along. :) I hope 2011 brings you just as much joy and success!

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

Such exciting things! I'm still drooling over that table and the console. Beauties.

Have a great 2011@

Freckles Chick said...

Fabulous year indeed, chica!

My 2010 sucked in comparison to yours. Seriously, your 2010 is like Kim Kardashian and my 2010 is like one of the other sisters whose name starts with a K. Which one, you ask? My point exactly.

annie said...

congratulations on an amazing year! i love those chevron curtains...might have to bite the bullet and give it a try!

Rachel said...

Just discovered your blog not too long ago, and it has provided me (a fellow teacher) with much entertainment over my Christmas break. Love all of your DIY posts! :) Now I'm just trying to decide which one I will try first...

Suzie said...

LOL! I love that photo of you next to Miss Britney Spears.

leah @maritalbless said...

Holy crap. What an amazing year you've had! So excited to see what 2011 holds for you!

Carpe Diem said...

Thanks for the recap...and the written tutorials showing the process for the chevron drapes and the great looking accent wall in your kitchen. Lovely.

TLF said...

Great blog.. Great year!!
Happy New Year!!


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