Friday, August 21, 2015


Kinda like TED Talks, haha, even though I don't even know what those are. 

A couple years ago I bought this mother's journal and wrote in it occasionally about stuff but then stopped. So typical of me. I want to get back to writing sweet/sentimental/simple/crazy/tiring moments in there on a daily basis but I don't have much hope for myself! It should be easy because it's only intended as a "one line a day" quick recap but I'm still failing. 

Anyhoo...David and I have been talking about how much Theron has been talking lately and we don't want to forget any of it. For so long we hoped and prayed to hear his little voice and now he doesn't stop. He also uses so many hand motions and facial expressions that add a definite amount of sass to his convos!

THERON talks:

While at Grandma and Papa's house outside...and pointing at me frantically:
Theron [going inside]: I just be wight back, mommy. You stay here. 

While talking about friends:
Theron: We buddies. 
Joi: Who?
Theron: Me and Daddy! 
Joi: Can I be your buddy?
Theron: No, mommy! 
Joi: How come? 
Theron: Betause you a girl, mommy. Nobody's your buddy. 

While talking about potty problems:
Joi: Theron, why did you potty in your pants at school?
Theron: Betause I tired, mommy. 

Again...about potty problems:
Joi: Theron, why did you potty in your pants at school?
Theron: Betause I do, mommy!

When we're going anywhere for the day...
Joi/David: We're going to ________.
Theron: Do they have toys over dere?
Joi/David: Probably. 
Theron: Do they have gummies over dere?
Joi/David: Maybe. 
Theron: Do they have chippies over dere?
Joi/David: Maybe!
Theron: Do they have loader over dere?
Joi/David: I think so!

When telling Theron not to do something:
David/Joi: Theron, don't hit/throw/whine etc. ...
Theron: Don't tell me to..., mommy/daddy!

When talking about food:
David: Did you drink milk at school today?
Theron: No, Daddy!
David: Did you drink juice, buddy?
Theron: No, Daddy! Juice yucky. I yike water. Water's good [sounding like he's German with the "goot" pronunciation]. Water is yummy in my tummy!

And not necessarily conversations but it's so dang cute when he starts + finishes all of his sentences/requests with mommy&/daddy. For example:
Theron: Mommy, I wanna go swimming, mommy!
Theron: Daddy, I wanna ride my twactor, daddy!
Theron: Mommy, more water, pease, mommy!

When talking about his favorite show, Price is Right:
Theron: Mommy, I watch Drew, mommy!
Joi: Ok! Have you been a good listener?
Theron: Yes, Mommy! I watch house game [a random commercial] & puppy gog [another random commercial], too!

When asking what we do on certain days [we obviously are pretty consistent!]:
Joi: It's Friday, Theron! What's that mean?
Theron: Pizza day!
Joi: Yes! You're right! What do we do tomorrow then?
Theron: We go choo-choo store [It's a actually a toy store in a nearby town]! Den, Seak-n-shake! I eat chicken, sries [can't say his "f"s] and water!
Joi: Ok! We'll go if you're good! What about Sunday?
Theron: Hawdee's day! [David and I have went to Hardee's almost every Sunday for nearly 15 years! haha!]
Joi: Yup! You're right!

I'm sure there are more but that's all I can think of right now. I'm glad I wrote these down because I don't want to forget anything at all! It's like I can hear his little voice saying all of this again! 


Friday, August 7, 2015

Big Impact Nursery "Art"

In Theron's room we have a gallery wall that I absolutely love. 

In fact. we also have a gallery wall in our living room that I love just as much.

I know some people are over them but I can't help but collect cute/funny/inspirational pieces and they've got to be displayed somehow! And if YOU like it, then do it! Who cares what anyone else thinks is cute; it's your home!

However, in the new nursery I wanted to take a different route. Randomly, I found this great affordable tapestry from Society 6 and immediately added it to my cart and never looked back. I ordered the smallest one and it is still huge! 

I'm sure you could just nail it to the wall but I bought a canvas with a 40% off coupon from Michael's and stapled the tapestry to the canvas to make it a look a little more polished. 

We hung it over his dresser that I scored secondhand and I'm pleased as a peach with how it looks. 

The room has a little more to go but it's getting there! I'm currently 33 weeks pregnant and hope this little guy stays put for a good 7 more! 


Monday, July 27, 2015

Nursery for Baby #2

So I'm currently 32 weeks pregnant and I can't believe it! I think because I'm a teacher and had the entire summer off this pregnancy has flown by! I feel pretty good and definitely cannot complain. 

We started working on the baby's nursery pretty much right after school got out. I didn't really have a plan of action until one night I was exploring on Instagram and this pic was recommended to me. 

Immediately I wanted to recreate it in the nursery; it was the jumping off point for sure!

I read Kelsey's blog post about the process and also Vintage Revivals original blog post tutorial as well. Once I was convinced I wanted to take this on, I roped in Dave to be my math guy. I can trace and outline but measuring is not my forte. I wish I had a "math brain" but I just was not blessed with that attribute. 

It took David a good 4-5 hours to measure and draw the entire pattern with a pencil and then it took me about three hours to trace over it with an oil based Sharpie pen [purchased at Michael's]. 

Kelsey used a few of the pens on her wall but my wall only took one. We do have pretty basic flat walls so that may be the case. Once everything dried I took a magic eraser to the rest of the wall to rid it of any stray pencil markings. It worked like an absolute charm. I am thrilled with the outcome and am so thankful to David for having the patience to make this happen!

We are reusing a lot of the furniture and [pretty much everything else] from Theron's baby days. 

I absolutely loved having a glider [although it looks like our particular glider nearly doubled in price since I bought it three years ago!] with Theron and hope it will be the same way for this baby. I can't even begin to imagine how many hours I clocked in that chair, nursing my Theron Drake. We're also reusing the pouf, although as of today I want to get a new one, and the crib is in tip top condition so that's going for round #2 as well. 

I know the room looks very mono chromatic right now but you guys know me and can assume, correctly, that I have since added some color. I can't seem to stay away no matter how hard I try! 

I'll definitely be sharing some updated pics soon! 

Thanks for stopping by! 


Monday, July 20, 2015

Master Bedroom - New Seating

One of my last blog posts was about how I wanted a swinging rattan chair in our master bedroom. My father-in-law said it was most likely possible to hang it [even though the window area where it would be has a soffit] but I kept shying away from the price tag. With a new baby on the way and my best friend's destination wedding in just under two weeks away, I know my money is best spent elsewhere. 

Then one night I was randomly perusing our town's facebook garage sale site and came across this little beauty. 

For $20 I couldn't pass it up! It's small but has the perfect vibe that I wanted! I may come back to the swinging chair later but for now this works wonderfully!

Do any of you sell/shop your facebook sites? This chair was the first thing I purchased but I sell stuff frequently. I've had a few flakes but most transactions have been seamless! 


Tuesday, July 7, 2015

4th of July - 2015

Save for last year when we spent 4th of July with some of our best friends, this year's 4th was the best! Theron started it off with a bang [haha!] by waking up at 1p.m. in the afternoon. He's been sleeping in so much lately and it makes Dave and I wonder how he'll be as a teenager! He definitely comes by his sleep habits honestly-I could take a nap every single day and sleep in til noon if allowed. Some things never change!

After he got up we took a little jaunt to a nearby town to snap some pics in front of a huge painted flag. Theron was interested in pics for about 2 seconds but I managed to snap a couple good ones. 

We then headed down to our hometown and spent the afternoon with my in-laws! 

After dinner we made our way to the carnival with my family where Theron got to ride so many rides and he had an absolute blast. 

The only thing that caused tears were the lines he had to wait in. TD is seriously lacking in the patience department. I think he comes by that honestly, too. Whoops. 

After the carnival we set up shop and waited for the fireworks. 

The nice people next to us shared their sparklers with TD and he was intrigued. 

When the fireworks started he wavered between liking them, playing in the back of the truck, covering his ears/eyes, and asking to go home. Haha! Once they were done he clapped and shouted that he loved them! Success, I say. 

We made it home by midnight with a sleepy little boy and I couldn't have been happier with how the day went! 

Hope you all had a happy 4th, too!



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