Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Three Is Almost Over [actually it's been over for months!]

Oh, three.

Like Dave said, we started off rocky, cruised through the middle and are ending a little bumpy. Just like every parenting adventure thus far... just when we think we have it all figured out our little guy goes and changes all the rules. He's kept us on his toes since his second week of being alive and I expect him to do nothing less for the rest of our lives. My spirited, independent, button-pushing, and sensitive little boy, I love you so. So much it hurts. Cliche but absolutely true. 

I want to remember all of the things about you that make me swell with pride and cringe with embarrassment. You are such a Theron Drake and we couldn't be happier to be your parents!

Theron Drake, 

This year...
  • You broke your hand falling off the couch
  • You got potty trained right after turning 3 and little school helped SO MUCH!
  • You only drink water at home...verdict's still out if you drink your milk box at school
  • You can count to thirty-ten :)
  • You can recognize all your letters and LOVE to have us spell out all of your friends from little school: Scarlett, Bob, Tyler, Carter, Lyla, Paige, Avery, Gracyn, Rhett, Eli and Brinley
  • After that, you love to trace your letters on your easel and on the driveway with sidewalk chalk
  • You go to big school after little school and get speech 15 minutes a day
  • You love riding your tractor 
  • You talk with such intonation!
  • You use your hands to talk -- it's adorable!
  • Some of your favorite words you fill your stories with are "yesterday/somebody/"I told you..."
  • You hold your book up and read to momma and daddy like your teachers read to the class
  • You love playing with magna tiles, trucks, your barn-house, and coloring
  • You like to "get close to the horsies" by our house
  • You like to eat dry "cer-a-del"
  • You could live on turkey sandwiches from Subway and fish sticks + mac n' cheese--but NOT the spiral kind!
  • You are obsessed with the color orange and here lately, purple and red
  • You have behaved so well in school up until this last month; you've been on yellow once at little school and had two "X" marks at big school
  • Your teachers say you like to repeat instructions to your classmates and are kind of bossy--haha!
  • When Miss Jodi spells kids names you yell at them to get in line because you understand
  • You love wearing sweatpants
  • You have a hard time changing up the shoes you wear everyday
  • You are working hard at holding your marker in a tripod position
  • You love getting souffles at Bread Co. 
  • You like to go to Ace, Rural King, Target, and in general, like going places
  • You went to your first movie, Zootopia, a couple weeks ago. You asked if the movie was done after the previews went off. Haha. 
  • You've started acing haircuts!
  • You went through phases where you loved gummies, suckers, and popsicles
  • You phased out of liking Thomas and choochoos and have a real love for mid size truck toys
  • You like to play matching games and do tons of puzzles all of the time 
  • You like "Taco Tuesday" and "Pizza Friday" 
  • You just learned to dip and LIKED your toasted raviolis in marinara sauce this week!
  • You've been really obsessed with Paw Patrol and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles but have never seen an episode or movie of either
  • You know the months of the year, days of the week, and always ask "What time it is?"
  • Your daddy is your best swiend [still working on our 'f" sound]
  • Your brother lights up and gave his first true giggle to you
  • You like to help mommy "cwean" and mop
  • You go to bed by 7 and sleep with tons of books
  • You love BIG bubbles in your bath
  • You can put your own coat on! Thanks, Mrs. Kelso, for teaching T how to put the hood on first and then the arms
  • You have never blown your nose, but we're trying!
  • You get annoyed by Bear Bear but also love her to pieces
  • You're getting more adventurous going down the slide and can swing like a pro
  • You challenge us daily, and most days we have at least one tantrum, but you are starting to understand breaking the rules has consequences
  • When you get mad you throw your shoes or cry and say, "No!"
  • You ride in your car seat like a champ!
  • You worry about Maw Maw's leg hurting her
  • You're super fast and can kick a mean soccer ball
::I wrote this months ago but it sat unpublished forever. Today I post it so I never forget::


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