Friday, March 18, 2016

Townes Nova // 5 months

Townsie is just a smidge over 5 1/2 months and has been a total sweetheart lately! 

  • Weighs approximately 15.5 lbs.
  • No clue how long he is!
  • Is in a size 2 diaper
  • Comfortably fits in his 3-6 month clothing

  • Being held!
  • Playing with Sophie and his soft blocks
  • Cuddling his lovie when he goes to bed
  • Getting his lotion rubbed on his belly
  • Seeing Theron [he adores him!]
  • When you blow on his tummy
  • When Dave talks to him
  • Being out and about 
  • Being worn in the Beco carrier

  • Taste of banana and he LOVED it!
  • Time at the Physical Therapist and didn't cry the whole time!
  • Trip to Wal-Mart [I think...]
  • Trip to Bread Co. and Dierbergs!
  • Trip to the Airplane Park in Edwardsville
  • Sitting up, sort-of unassisted, for a few seconds!
  • Stroller ride to the park with Grandma Carol

Townsie is still nursing about 6 times a day and I'm pumping twice a day at school. He usually wakes to nurse 1-2 times a night. He nurses well and is becoming more efficient since he wants to know what's going on around him. I feed him in a quiet room most times if I know he needs to eat and is getting distracted. He doesn't comfort nurse like his brother but still enjoys it. I love it this time around, too. I get all emotional thinking about it being over. 

We gave him some banana to gnaw on the past couple days and he loves it! We plan on trying to do BLW this weekend! I have a chart printed out and have researched it. We'll see how it pans out! We're not going to be hard on ourselves if it doesn't work or becomes a challenge for Townsie or us! No pressure!

Townes is starting to figure it out...I think! He semi-regularly takes two good naps at Grandma Carol's house during the week and MOST times doesn't protest too bad. They can last anywhere from about an hour to over two hours. He is finally not protesting almost at all at home as well. It makes me so much more relaxed when he doesn't cry to go down for a nap. 

At night he still is pretty inconsistent. We still lay him down awake and he 9 times out of 10 goes down without a fight. I nurse him in his room, make sure he's awake and David reads a story or two to him. He takes his lovie and usually goes right to sleep. Since he can roll over he seems to prefer his belly. 

The biggest pattern that I've noticed is that he has been making it almost 6 hours for the past two weeks for his first stretch. After that, sometimes I fall asleep in the glider with him and then put him back down. Even if he's awake he doesn't fight it--which is a HUGE success to me. If he wakes another time is really a guessing game. 

  • He loves to play with Sophie the Giraffe [Theron hated it!] 
  • He enjoys playing with his keys and sucking on his hands and his blankies
  • He like to sit in his bumbo 
  • We'll try him in the jumperoo again since he got the go-ahead from his PT
  • He has stretched his awake time to close to two hours and could go longer if out and about
  • He goes days without cooing and then coos up a storm. 
  • He laughed in response to Theron for the first time the other day and it was the best! In the past, he had just smiled and done a silent giggle. Or laughed because I tickled him. Knowing he gave Theron the first giggle made my heart swell! 
  • Townsie still has very sensitive skin and I use the prescribed ointment when his eczema flares up and put the aquaphor on him 2-3 times daily. 
  • His head is often times inflamed and I use the ointment when it's bad and spray coconut oil on it as needed. 
  • He has about a bath a week to make sure his little body doesn't dry out too bad.
  • He is still going to the PT once a week to strengthen his neck muscles due to his torticollis. My in-laws take him during the day [we are so lucky!] and the physical therapist is super impressed with his progress. She has to remind herself what side he actually even has trouble with!   
  • I keep thinking he'll get a tooth here soon, since Theron got his in his 24th week, but no signs just yet!

As the months go by I feel like this momma of a baby thing gets easier! I'm confident the more sleep you get the better you feel thus the more energized I am! I am staying up later at night and doing things like blogging, spring cleaning, catching up on Teen Mom and Real Housewives and pampering myself which makes me feel like me, ya know? I know that even if he wakes before midnight, we will let him CIO, and I'lll go in there if need be after 5 hours. Knowing that I'll get sleep is so relieving. 

Townsie, thanks for being patient with us as we navigate the parenthood waters! We love you and your little grin so much! 


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