Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Day of the Dead Decorations + Pumpkin Patch Adventures

Hey, guys! Long time, no see. I have no excuse other than I've done nothing blog worthy and/or I've been too lazy to document what we have been up to! 

I did get around to decorating [I use that term loosely] for Halloween/Day of the Dead so I thought I'd share our mantel with our pumpkins and skull banner.  

The pumpkins are all faux [sounds fancier than fake-ha!] and I've had them for a year plus. I carved the sugar skull from a template I found on Etsy and that thing gets pinned like a bajillion times a day. I hope that Etsy seller is making a serious profit! The medium sized one I puffy painted a greek key design on and then spray painted it, and the heart shaped one I purchased at Goodwill.  

The banner was a free printable found here and I just cut it out and hot glued it on.  

Theron makes the best little model, if I bribe him!

I bought some mums for outside and still need to get some real pumpkins...if I make it before Halloween I'll be surprised. Theron's so obsessed with all things pumpkins but when I offer to buy him one he's not interested. Typical toddler!

We did get to hit up a pumpkin patch last weekend and Theron was in love. His happiness made me that much happier and I could've stayed all day if not for the fear of a napless toddler--know what I mean? 

And then the funniest one--Theron refused to take a pic with Dave and me but then did a classic photobomb. This kid is too much!

I'm sad that fall is nearing its way into winter and I'm not so sure I'm ready! This week is Theron's Halloween party at Little Gym and I'm hoping his costume is a hit!



Freckles Chick said...

I like how you do Halloween chica! I plunked the pumpkin we picked out at the patch on our front stoop...along with the acorn squash Quinn picked (no pumpkins for her). So far, squirrels have chomped on both of them. Womp-womp.

And Theron!! That outfit, that photobomb #epic

Good Girl Gone Glad said...

Love the decorations!! T is so cute by those big pumpkins!!

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

Such great pictures at the pumpkin patch. And as for napless toddlers, I get it. And we've officially dropped the nap. God help us.

The Day of the Dead banner is super cute. T seems to like it, too.


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