Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Hello and Welcome [Sign]!

I've been on a very mini roll as of late in decorating and doing stuff to our house. I feel like everything I really want to do costs so much money that these little spurts of energy are making a little bit of happy difference in my world.  

Last week I showed you our Day of the Dead decorations and now this week I'm back with a very small project that made for a big impact! 

I bought this 'Hello' sign off of Groopdealz and had it lying around the house for awhile. I wasn't certain how I wanted to gussy it up until I saw my best bud, Freckles Chick, use some faux flowers for a little project for her daughter. 

It probably comes as no surprise that I sprayed it gold and then made a little trip to Michael's to grab some flowers. I wanted something pretty and neutral so I grabbed what you see in the pic below. 

I used a simple glue gun to adhere the pieces on the wreath and then hung it up on a wreath hanger on our front door. I really love how the wreath stands out against the charcoal door and it's just what it needed!

And, for any of you that may be wondering, the Instagram heart wall has stayed up since day one with plain painter's tape. I was skeptical too, but it's worked like a charm!

Thanks for checking in! 



Emily @ imperfect said...

I love this, Joi! You have such a knack for styling.

Anonymous said...

I wish you posted more often I really love your style

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

I totally agree with Emily - you just know what you are doing. This looks so cute - love the gold and the flowers.

And can you please come visit me and help me with fancy fun things like this. Gosh, I'm clueless.

Freckles Chick said...

I.LOVE.THIS. Seriously, I'm amazed at all you get done even with a FT job & a kid! Those flowers look real! Faux has come far. Thanks a million for the link love, my friend!!! #theoriginalblogbuddies

And man if I don't get the itch to paint my walls white every time I see yours.


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