Thursday, February 14, 2013

5 Minute Baby Leggings + Some Thoughts on Baby Fashion

I was never an obvious choice for being a mom.  I am an only child, and before Theron I had never fed, changed, rocked, or taken care of a baby or child in my life.  I was clueless and probably still am -- ha!  I always thought that if I had a kid someday I would prefer a girl.  I didn't go around proclaiming that was my wish, but since I was a girl I thought a girl would be fun.  It's really all I knew.  Selfishly, I wanted to enjoy playing with dolls and barbies, going shopping, and having lots of pink everywhere.  That might be a shallow thing to say but it's the truth.

When I became pregnant and the question came up of which sex I preferred I really did honestly answer that as long as he/she was healthy I didn't care.  We had a little bit of a struggle getting pregnant coupled with some scares at the beginning of my pregnancy that made me change my mind.  I no longer desired a little baby girl.  I just wanted my baby to make it to term and come out a healthy babe.

As you guys know, we were incredibly fortunate to be blessed with Mr. Theron Drake who is a total boy.  He loves to run everywhere full speed, can't get enough of being outside, and would trade all of his toys to be able to play with his tractors and cars.  He's teaching me to be a boy momma and I'm having the best time learning from him along the way.

But, that doesn't mean that I can't dress my little guy up.  I hate how some people assume boys can only  wear blue, red, and gray.  That's it.  That or monkeys on everything.  Blegh.  Not my style at all.

Really, who came up with those rules?

For once in my life, I don't give two craps about the rules.  I am going to dress my child how I want with out fear of judgment or norms.  When he gets old enough to make those decisions for himself then I will back off.   If he loves red, blue and gray then have at it Theo!

But for right now, I want to start him off young rocking his outfit choices and then let him be free to wear what pleases him.

That was a really long winded preface to showing you the 5 minute leggings I made.  When I saw this tutorial on the Small Fry blog I filed it away for future reference.  Then, one day, I was in Target and saw the perfect leopard print skirt to turn into leggings.

And, yes, I understand that animal print is a "girl" thing but I don't care.  I knew Theron would look adorable in them.

Now, let me remind you that the last time I sewed something on my own was in my 7th grade Clothing class.  I chose to make Tasmanian Devil pajamas.  Classy,  I know.

The other night I busted out my gifted sewing machine from my Maw Maw and Paw Paw, attempted to scan the instruction manual, and went to town.

This bobbin thing was my arch nemesis.  I could not keep this thing threaded correctly for anything.  I gave up trying to read the impossible manual and tried to wing the rest of them.

I used the striped leggings as a guide and cut around them leaving about a 1/4" allowance. I turned them pattern to pattern side and sewed around the edges. 

My 5 minute leggings turned into 2 hour leggings, with the most crazy sewn seams you ever will see.  BUT, I did it and I was so proud of myself!
Theron wore the leopard leggings this weekend and received numerous compliments on them.  I knew he'd look like a cutie.  Someone on my facebook called him a mini Mick Jagger.  Get it, baby boy!

And, for my new favorite...

I just about die.



Marcia said...

Maybe I'm showing my age here, but he looks like a mini Rod Stewart or Mick Jagger. Wait, how about Adam Levine?! Super, super, super cute!

Kristen said...

so freaking cute. love the leopard leggings and the baby cardigan! and yay for you for not caring about gender norms!

Chris | Team Sea-Squared said...

Seriously - best outfit ever! He's so stylish, like his mama!

Isn't being a boy mama the best? I seriously couldn't picture being a girl mama. These boys have our hearts forever.

Kendra said...

Oh goodness, I love that cardigan! Where did you find it?

AviLynn said...

I love! And fill me in on this cardigan because I love it!

C said...

Oh yes! I can see Adam Levine! And that's why I love you... Always be true to yourself and never let society set the standards on what our boys should or shouldn't wear!

Aja said...

SO frickin cute!!! That last picture- beyond adorable! I need to make some of these, thanks for sharing!

Freckles Chick said...

He's got swagger like Mick Jagger.

I remember when I saw him rock these leggings on IG, I almost passed out from the cool cuteness. Hello awesome mama! You should design kids' clothes...there's a total niche for rocker/retro/geek-chic that you would dominate!

And I loved reading this post, esp. the glimpse into the mind of boy mamas. I know how long the road was for you get Theron (which, unlike some bloggers, you didn't turn into a dramatic 4-installment long-ass blog post, for which we all thank you) & can't imagine your lives w/out him now.


Jen @ RamblingRenovators said...

Oh Theron - he OWNS that look! What a little rock star. He is just as stylish as his mama.

Anonymous said...

What an adorable post and Theron is cuter than ever! Kudos for no pattern and making the cutest leggings ever. Maybe this might be a new side business? Glam Leggings for boys.

I'm a Mom to a 19 month old son and I think if I'd had a girl I'd be broke! My favorite place to find him clothes is thrift stores. I literally get name brand with tags still on for under 3.00. Best find was a black corduroy blazer with little elbow pads. He's totally rocking it now this winter!

I'm so glad to see you posting again, I've missed your what good in your hood segments. Any chance those are returning?

Betsy G.

Julie S. said...

That last photo-- oh my goodness! WHAT a sweetheart! :)

michelle@decorandthedog said...

He's so stinking cute and stylish!

Cindy Taylor said...

they are really very cute. Loved them

Anonymous said...

Cute photos! Now are there are matching leggings for women to go with?


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