Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I'm Just Shocked To Be Nominated!

And, no...I didn't nominate myself, mom! : ) Some sweet soul out there nominated me for the prestigious "The Homies" awards going on over at Apartment Therapy.

And while I'm rocking a strong 2 votes {1 of them being my own...don't laugh}, I'm just pleased as a peach to be nominated. Really, I am!

And, trust me, this isn't a ploy for you to vote for me... I really just wanted to brag a little. : ) I live in the real world and know that little Nuestra Vida Dulce isn't bringing in the big bucks. Heck, I only even found out I was nominated after I followed my sitemeter's referral links. You can bet I would've never dreamed to see this little ol' blog on there, so searching for it was not on the to-do list!

Anyhoo, good luck to the numerous deserving blogs out there! I can't wait to see who wins.

Merry almost Christmas Eve, everyone.




i voted for you and you're up to 5 votes!! please vote for me too. merry christmas!

Jenny @ Anything Pretty said...

Congratulations! That is so exciting and your blog does deserve to be nominated. What a nice blog Christmas present:).

CeceliaMc said...

I enjoy your blog and think you have an awesome eye for color and pattern.


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