Friday, June 12, 2009

Reception Time

After the sentimental wedding ceremony we headed on to a yummy outdoors cocktail hour where we dined on mini pizzas, some fancy chicken apps, and some pretty tasty mimosas. As my first mimosa ever, I'd say they were delish! Where have I been? Not too alcohol-y and very light but oh so sophisticated--I like it and I now consider myself a fan.
The reception took place on DU's campus in one of their tourism buildings. The music was totally swanky and the company just as fun.
Every table had a delightful fresh flower arrangement with some of my favorites, especially hydrangeas. Here colors were a mixture a creams, periwinkle, and purples...very elegant.
My plate I chose was a goat cheese stuffed chicken breast atop garlic mashed potatoes. Again, delish! Did I happen to say how much I love wedding receptions yet?
I made sure to snap a pic of the bridal bouquet and bling because I can never get enough of those two things. I think being a girl keeps me interested forever.
The festivities continued with some dancing throughout the evening until it was time to send the two newlyweds off to their secret honeymoon location.
That about wraps up our Colorado wedding weekend. Hope you enjoyed the photo recaps!



Jesse said...

I love mimosas too... and that chicken is making me hungry! It was a beautiful wedding!

Stephany said...

You got an award! Check out my blog. xoxo

Freckles Chick said...

I see you've met my other BFF, Mimosa....... =]

Gorgeous bride, lovely flowers, beautiful venue and delish food! Perfection. I LOVE your belted cardigan/dress combo.


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