Monday, June 15, 2009

Breast Day Ever

Ha. Okay, so I tried to veto the blog title post but since it's Nuestra Vida Dulce, and nuestra=our, Dave's suggestion goes. Please don't unsubscribe or stop reading now. ; )

I bet you can guess what we did on Saturday. Every year St. Louis holds the annual Komen Race for the Cure in June and my family and I always participate in it. We started this tradition in 2005 and have done it ever since. Long before Maw Maw was ever diagnosed with breast cancer we were dedicated to this cause and now even more so. As the years have gone on, the race has become the largest Komen race in the country!!! Go St. Louis. There are absolutely no words to describe how beyond amazing the experience is. Young, old, men, women, survivors, and supporters...the streets are packed. Most every person is in a great mood and while you're in a hustle and bustle with 65, 000 other people it still just feels welcoming and right. It's a great chance to see the positive in mankind that day and you can't help but get a little a lot emotional, especially when you see the sea of pink survivors everywhere. It is inspiring and everyone should try and participate if ever given the chance. Someday there will be a cure!

We started out extra early this year so Maw Maw and Aunt Norma could participate in the survivor processional. This meant we had to be on the metro at 6:30 a.m.!
Aunt Norma is Maw Maw's sister and she too is a survivor! She's a tiny little thing with a big personality. : )

Once we got there, Maw Maw and Aunt Norma walked in the processional for the first time with the hundreds of other survivors. Talk about emotional! What a sight to see.
After Maw Maw and Aunt Norma did their thing, we all walked around picking up some free swag before the fun walk started. Lots of companies hand out bags, magnets, hats, frames, you name it and they have it. I'm not one for a lot of junk, but I did pick up this cute little bag. Bless David's heart for lugging it around all morning!
My time also included stalking the reporter stand to watch my favorite anchors and the nationally known Hoda Kotb! She was the honorary chair woman and a 2 year breast cancer survivor!
At about 9, the actual walk began {no run for this girl} and we made our way down the streets of St. Louis. You could hear bands playing, see people cheering, and hear people singing. Again, you always feel so overjoyed. It's very fun to people watch while you're cruising the walk.
At one point, everyone comes to the top of a hill and all you can see is people for miles. Everyone stops to take pics but they really don't do this view any justice. It's something you have to see to believe.
Since we walked the actual streets of St. Louis I managed to snap a couple architectural pics. They're not much, but I like 'em!
As we neared the finish line, David turned into a human coat rack and carried Maw Maw and Aunt Norma's loot for them. I swear, I love that man to pieces.
He also served as Maw Maw's personal assistant and lent her his arm for stability so she could make it to the end. Again, I have the best husband in the world. Love him.
With the finish line approaching, Maw Maw and Aunt Norma were greeted and congratulated by the Rams' cheerleaders and got yet another free bag. They're so cute and we're so proud of them. : )
We ended the day with our metro ride back to our cars and a tasty lunch at O' Charley's. Their chipotle chicken strips are my favorite!
Here's to another great Race for the Cure with many more to come! Congratulations to all of the survivors out there and to those just diagnosed, don't give up the fight.

To those we've lost, may your memory live on.



Kim said...

What a great day!! Your pics are great!

J said...

im glad your mawmaw and auntie norma got to walk in with the survivors that was wonderful, and at least you got some goodies this year. I enjoy going and maybe I will again next year. It is allways amazing how nice everyone is even on metro, and that day with it so crowded if everyone could get along like that everday it would be wonderful.

Julie S. said...

What a great day! I love your photos- they will be great memories for years to come.

melissa said...

So, now you've got me crying. I'm so happy that your mawmaw and her sis got to be in the survivors group! And that David...he needs some sort of an award!

Freckles Chick said...


J/K. =] Breast title. Ever. *giggle snort*

Y'all look ravishing in pink. Congrats Mawmaw and to all the other survivors!

Libbi said...

AH...your post made me cry. It really is such an awesome event, and this year was nothing short of incredible...I am jealous of your cute bag. I wanted one and never found them!

Suzie said...

Wonderful event! Awww, maw maw and maw maw's sister are cuties! David is the best! Tell him he looks even more of a stud in all of these photos, what a guy! :)

Unknown said...

Looks like a great day! What a sweetie your hubby is, takes a special guy to carry not one but two purses! LOL =)

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

This post made me tear up. I love the photos of the hubby and your grandma.

Cori said...

Ditto on Libbi's comment- this post definitely made me cry! So glad you are able to do this with your Maw Maw :)


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