Friday, June 6, 2008

Life as I know it {part 3}

Here are my moments worth remembering, numbers 49-25! Check back here & here for #'s 100-50.

49. David, Sarah, and I roadtripping to Tennessee on a whim during one of our college winter breaks.
48. Going to the pumpkin patch with Dave, Cori, and Brian and realizing we'd be friends for life.
47. Easter egg hunts at Grandma and Grandpa McNeish's.
46. Riding the 4 seater bike in Virginia Beach with Maw Maw, Paw Paw, and David.
45. Anna's and my roadtrip to Chicago and riding the "L-train {as nervous tourists}" and eating Chicago style pizza!
44. Telling all of my sorority sisters I was engaged at a Candle passing.
43. Riding around Maui,top down in our convertible, with my new husband.
42. Playing donkey basketball in highschool and hearing all about Maw Maw and Betty almost peeing their pants at the sight!
41. Walking into my apartment{seeing rose petals, flowers, candles, and hearing our song playing in the background} and thus realizing I was about to be proposed to!
40. Chicken and Beer dances.
39. Jeannie's, Melissa's, and my 5+ hour conversations about any and everything.
38. Going with Paw Paw to pick up my red dodge avenger.
37. Planning and throwing my mom's 50th birthday party--seeing everyone who made the trip to surprise her and watching my mom's face as we yelled "surprise!".
36. Summers when my Aunt Marg babysat me and we'd go to tropical sno to get fuzzy navel sno-cones.
35. Emily and I driving to Borders to get the new Jewel cd, half way there Em realizing she had forgot her purse, turning around to go get it, and then driving back to Borders to get the cd!
34. Being terrified to ride go-karts for the very first time in Branson, Mo., but doing it anyway.
33. Drinking grandma McNeish's sweet tea.
32. Maw Maw "sneaking" me to get my spiral perm while visiting relatives in Michigan.
31. Delivering food baskets, every Chirstmas, to persons in need with Student Council.
30. Graduating from SIUE with Summa Cum Laude honors!
29. Riding through the "It's a small world" ride at Disney World and making everyone go on it again!
28. Playing catch phrase in highschool with all our friends!
27. Having my dad, paw paw, and step-dad walk me down the beach "aisle" in Maui on our wedding day.
26. Opening presents at Maw Maw and Paw Paw's every Christmas Eve until the wee hours of the morning.
25. Filling up my gas tank for $8 and taking the left over $2 to Taco Bell for a nacho supreme and Dr. Pepper!

Numbers 1-24 to come. As always, please share yours!


Libbi said...

Ok, so I definitely read all of your numbers and thought it sounded like WAY too much work. Then I decided to do it. THANK YOU! It is the greatest way to think back on great moments from your life and really makes you appreciate the life you have lived! I love it!

melissa said...

I also enjoy our 5+ hour conversations....they're probably going to turn into 10+ hour conversations when we don't see each other every day!!!!!


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