Thursday, June 5, 2008

Yesterday was productive

First day of summer and it was a good one! David and I got lots of things done and enjoyed the {hot} day!

1. We met my Maw Maw at her doctor's appointment and she got the green light for her blood test results. She, my mom, and Aunt Linda are all off galavanting in Tennessee to see country music stars at Fan Fair. Next Wednesday, Maw Maw will undergo round two of chemotherapy.

2. After the doctor's appointment we had a tasty lunch at Cracker Barrel and then we headed to Fox Medical Supply to pick up a wheel chair for Maw Maw, just in case she would get overly tired on her trip this week.

3. David and I then headed to the Regional Office of Education where, finally, I paid my $40 to have my certificate changed from initial to standard and also have it registered. Only 4 more years until I have to go through this stupid process again.

4. Next, we headed to my former Board of Education Office to make sure my left-over sick days could be banked with my retirement plan {way down the road} and they assured me that they were taking care of it!! Woo-hoo, no paperwork to fill out!

5. Then finally, yet another school stop, we went to SIUE bookstore to pick up our grad school class book for the summer. Let's just say neither David or myself was happy to see the $90 pricetag--but oh well, it's the first day of summer break, no crabbiness here :-).

Today/Tonight we're off to see some friends in Springfield and enjoy day #2 of break! Here's hoping Mr. Morrison will make his bananas foster tonight :).


The Juggling Francophile said...

It sounds like you already have a great summer planned and started! I was thinking about SIUE and books the other day -- is there still textbook rental, or did they join the wallet gouging tradition of most other universities and go to full-on textbook selling for ALL classes?

Suzie said...

Have fun, Joi! You are one busy gal!

Michael said...

Rock on to summer vacay!!!


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