Saturday, May 31, 2008

Life as I've lived it

One of my favorite bloggers, Chelsea from Life is Beautiful, posted this idea from one of her favorite bloggers. It entails making a list of 100 things that were worth doing in your life and reflecting upon them. As Chelsea put it, I hope these events are those that pop up should my life flash before my eyes. Here's my partial list! And, these are definitely in no particular order.

100. As a child, waking up to the words "Hi Joi" {written in the sand by my mom and her best friend} and viewing them from atop our tall Florida balcony.
99. Having my first taste of dark chocolate raspberry truffle cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory after thinking I didn't like cheesecake.
98. Watching my Dave {who was just a friend at the time} roll around on the ground and sing "Like a Virgin" at a restaraunt's karaoke during highschool Homecoming week.
97. Riding the banana boat with my girlfriends during our Senior trip to South Padre Island.
96. Riding the Screaming Eagle roller coaster at Six Flags backwards!
95. Getting strawberry shakes at the same St. Louis Steak n' Shake on my way to my dad's house.
94. Signing the papers to our first home.
93. Finishing my last undergrad final at SIUE--what a relief.
92. Learning I got hired at EHS.
91. Seeing NKOTB at Busch Stadium with my mom from the 9th row--I thought I was hot stuff
90. Watching my best friend Emily act like she was drowning in my waterbed.
89. Highschool hockey games.
88. NHS camping trip and one of the last times we would all be together as friends.
87. Eating fresh home grown tomatoes with salt in the summertime.
86. Being chosen as May Carousel Queen by my fellow peers and teachers during senior year of highschool.
85. Getting my first "grown-up" pay check.
84. Realizing Sarah would be a friend for life during our 6 Flags trip in highschool.
83. Putting trash {and complete room "mock-ups"} in friends' frontyards during the summer before college--and thus starting the "trash war".
82. Bawling like a baby after watching Armageddon and then speeding the next night to see it again with Emily.
81. 4th of July fireworks in GC.
80. Riding to DQ in the bed of Tonya's truck {with the extended family} on the eve of every Braggs' family reunion.
79. Denny's trips senior year of highschool {and all the free food--too bad the waitress got fired for feeding all of us for free!!!}.
78. Finding what would turn out to be one of the best dogs in the world {Dodger-dog} perched upon a snow mound at Amoco in the dead of winter during 6th grade.
77. Eating Maw Maw's famous biscuits and gravy-yum!
76. Paw Paw's and my jam sessions on his and Maw Maw's organ.
75. Swimming with the dolphins in PCB, FL--and feeling so blessed to be so close to my favorite animal.

Stay tuned for the next installment, and I challenge you to blog, journal, share, or reflect on your own!


jsanck15 said...

Such a great idea :)

I went to high school with Cori...and I check up on your blog from time to time because I love the clothes you put on here! :)

Joi said...


Libbi said...

omg...I was at the same NKOTB concert! I definitely got tickets for the November concert! I have to re-live that moment!


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