Thursday, January 10, 2008

Who doesn't love a refund?!?

So I get the mail today and I see an envelope from where I just got my wisdom teeth removed. My first thought is, "Oh, great...this must be a bill for whatever my insurance didn't cover!" I hesitated to open it because I didn't want to see the bad news. However, much to my huge surprise, the contents were actually quite a huge refund of money. Turns out my insurance paid more than the office expected and now I get a nice refund! All in all, not bad. The orignial bill at the time of visit was still quite shocking but this check eased the pain a little ;-)

In other news, David and I went to a Pana girls' basketball game tonight at Greenville. The girls did really well and won! Dave says that they are currently ranked the number 1 class 2A school in Illinois! Way to go Lady Panthers!!!! Here's to a great season and a run for the state title!!!!!

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