Tuesday, January 8, 2008

On our way

Well, it's official... David and I have taken the plunge! We are new graduate students at good ol' SIUE. We start on Wednesday, January 16th and our class is titled "EPFR 520: Analysis of Educational Issues." We lucked out on this class and hopefully lots more to come because it's a web-based course. We only have to meet in person on the first day and two other times---yes!!!! Hopefully getting back into the swing of things won't be too difficult. I am extremely anal retentive about getting the absolute highest grade possible and hope I don't stress myself out. Good thing I have David to keep me sane with his "C's get degrees" attitude ;-). However, you all know me...it'd be a cold day in you know where before I'd let myself get a "C", unless we're talking about some math class, then maybe just maybe it'd be ok. Anyhoo---enjoy your hump day tomorrow :-)

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