Monday, January 7, 2008

You never know...

Well, happy Monday everyone! Hope ya'll are having a fab week thus far. Two weird things happened to me today. I'll go in order of less weird to most weird.

1. As I was walking out of my classroom to go to the office I had a blast from the past. I ran into Whitney Ruebhausen, a girl from GC who was in 8th grade when I was senior in highschool. We had small talk and caught up for awhile. She is student teaching at EHS and boy-oh-boy does that make me feel old. Not super weird, but enough to suprise me for the day.

2. We're on the family chapter in Spanish 1 and we were learning words such as mom, dad, uncle, aunt and so on. One of the kids mentioned how they didn't like their relatives and I told my short story of my strong distaste for my aunt r and cousin z (really I dislike them so much that it pains me to write aunt and cousin as if they are near to my heart). You all know who they are and why they're the scum of the earth... you know, how they were addicted to drugs, stole, lied, and mistreated my late grandparents. Well, as my story draws to a close one of my students chimes in by adding that she thinks she knows my aunt and that she's spent the night at her house!!!!!! Also, this student's step-mom hangs out with my discusting cousin. Hmmmm.....really what a small world. You just never know how you'll be connected to certain people. Hopefully for my student she never has to see my horrible aunt and cousin anytime soon---yuck!

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Tomcon00 said...

I didn't even know what you bought at Sephora until I read this, and I was with you! And YES, it is a very very small world! Love ya, Mom


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