Wednesday, December 16, 2015


While looking at toys online for Christmas:
Joi: Look at these, Theron. Do you like them?
Theron: Ho-we, Mo-we [holy moly :-)]! Those are pretty cool. 

When David dropped something:
David: Uh oh, spaghetti O!
Theron: Uh oh, mac 'n cheese!

When Theron gets in trouble:
Theron: I telling on you! I telling my mom you're not being nice!

Talking about Townes:
Joi: Aw, you love your brother!
Theron: I do, Mommy. He's my best swiend. He's my savorite boy [still can't say our 'f' sound but it's the cutest.] Townsie likes to eat, sleep, and poop, Mommy!

Talking about Townes eating:
Theron: Townsie gon' eat on the other side, Mommy? He eats off your belly like I did when I was wittle. [haha! sure, belly!]


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