Monday, November 9, 2015


When asking to watch a certain commercial:
Theron: Can I watch Medicare, Daddy?
Dave: Sure! What's Medicare for?
Theron: It's for when you go to the doctor!

When talking about Townes:
Theron: He's a monster!
Joi: No he's not. That's not nice. 
Theron: Yeah he is, Mommy! He's a bad guy!

When Theron gets in trouble:
Theron: I telling on you! 
Theron: Don't yook at me, Daddy/Mommy!

Talking about Townes:
Joi: Well, sometimes babies cry. You cried a lot when you were little!
Theron: No I didn't, Mommy! I was happy! (Haha, think again, kiddo!)

While watching Price Is Right:
Bob Barker: I'm going to sell you an automobile!
Theron: It's an SUV, Bob!

After throwing up [I know, TMI for most of you, but I want to remember--haha!]:
Joi: You ok, buddy?
Theron: I'm good. It makes me seel better. 

With David:
Theron and Dave: Men, men, men, men [a little song they sing]! We men, Mommy. You can be men with us, too!

When talking about his best friends:
Joi: Who's your best friend at school, Theron?
Theron: Gracyn & Silly Bob are my best swiends!

When watching a commercial for princess toys:
Joi: What are those, Theron?
Theron: Those are princesses. Are you a princess, Mommy?


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Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

So funny. Henry tells us not to look at him all the time! They are so bossy.


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