Saturday, October 10, 2015


More of my main little dude's convos...

When talking about a booboo that hurt him while taking a bath:
Theron: Sometimes little boys get hurt. 
Joi: Yes, you're right. 
Theron: Etan gets hurt, too! [Etan is actually Ethan, one of my best friend's boys who Theron constantly talks about!]

When talking about his hot pizza:
Theron: Mommy, this isn't hot?
Joi: Well, it's a little hot. 
Theron: It's not big hot, mommy. 

While getting disciplined:
David: Theron, if you do that I'm going to put you in time out. 
Theron: Daddy, YOU go to timeout. 

After Theron sneezed:
Theron: Bless you, Daddy. 
Theron: Thanks, Daddy. 
Theron: You're welcome, Daddy. 

When any visitor leaves to go home:
Theron: Bye-bye, [insert name].
Theron: Make sure to tall me when you get home!

Randomly chatting in the morning:
Theron: I like trucks!
Theron: Daddy, you like airplanes!
Theron: Daddy, Papa likes food! [David's dad is known to be a foodie and food forcer--even if you're not hungry! Looks like Theron picked up on that!]

When Theron doesn't get his way:
Theron: You're not coming to my birthday party anymore!
Theron: I'm telling on you! [wonder where he heard that? Haha! The joys of preschool!]


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Freckles Chick said...

Hahahaha! Love them all but my fave "Make sure you tell me when you get home!" #concerned

How far he's makes me weepy!


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