Monday, July 20, 2015

Master Bedroom - New Seating

One of my last blog posts was about how I wanted a swinging rattan chair in our master bedroom. My father-in-law said it was most likely possible to hang it [even though the window area where it would be has a soffit] but I kept shying away from the price tag. With a new baby on the way and my best friend's destination wedding in just under two weeks away, I know my money is best spent elsewhere. 

Then one night I was randomly perusing our town's facebook garage sale site and came across this little beauty. 

For $20 I couldn't pass it up! It's small but has the perfect vibe that I wanted! I may come back to the swinging chair later but for now this works wonderfully!

Do any of you sell/shop your facebook sites? This chair was the first thing I purchased but I sell stuff frequently. I've had a few flakes but most transactions have been seamless! 



Unknown said...

Fantastic find!

Carry Grace said...

The chair looks perfect! I use our local FB swap/sale sites a lot. I seem to sell stuff faster there than on CL.

Your room is beautiful!

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

Beautiful find! It really looks nice there. I haven't had much luck with the swaps, but I'm not on FB a ton anymore so when I see the good stuff, ti's usually spoken for.


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