Thursday, June 4, 2015

Master Bedroom Updates

We've lived in our second home for nearly two years and while it doesn't feel that long, we've managed to undertake some minor home renos in that time.  For those of you that may have forgotten/never seen, this is what our master bedroom looked like when we first bought our home:

The previous owners had painted it a deep red and I repainted it almost immediately to a light blue-gray by Benjamin Moore.  I think the color was called "Grey Owl."

We had originally, upon move in, replaced their carpet with more carpet. But since our aging dog has seemed to revert to baby tendencies, we made the decision to rip the carpet up and extend the hardwood we laid in the rest of our home into our master and hallway as well. 

Additionally, I decided I wanted a little more architectural detail in this room by adding some wainscoting. I researched DIY tutorials and pinned some good options but ultimately my father-in-law found a company, I think based in Canada, that ships pre-made wood to you that fits together like puzzle pieces. He so sweetly prepared it for us and installed it and David and I caulked and painted it.

I am thrilled with how it turned out and with the flooring now installed I think it definitely makes the space look more custom. It also helps to ground the room since the vaulted ceilings make it seem so large. 

In the above pictures we still hadn't installed our baseboards but that now has been completed. We're waiting on moving everything back in until our new jute rug comes sometime soon. I'm excited to pull the space back together. 

Thanks for checking in! 



Aja said...

Love the wainscoting! Question- are your walls smooth or textured? I have been wanting to do something similar in our hallway and entry for a long time, but we have lightly textured walls and I'm wondering how that would look, if I just painted the walls, rather than covering them completely with trim. Both to save time and money. Thoughts? Thanks!

Emily said...

This looks amazing Joi! I remember that we moved into our houses around the same time and were undoing a lot of the same colors and decor choices! your house has become such a beautiful home.

Anonymous said...

Your room looks gorgeous! Love what you've done to it. Do you mind me asking what hardwood you went with? We are about to start renovating our first floor and I want to put down a darker colored hardwood throughout. Do you find it hard to keep clean?

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

This is beautiful! I love the wall color and the wainscoting is gorgeous! You truly have such a knack for putting everything together. A true gift, my friend.

Noe said...

what a way to make a room looks Glamorous! Joi you are seriously gifted, and your father in law just totally melts my heart, he's always commited to almost every project. The 3 of you make a great team!

Nicole said...

Do you know the company name for the board and batten/wainscotting? I would love to research this versus DIY.

You are my go-to decorator!! :)


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