Monday, November 4, 2013

Living Room Updates: TV Wall

Hey guys and happy Monday! Dave and I are actually off today to take Theron to a speech evaluation.  Little buddy is still not talking at nearly 19 months so it's time to see what the next step is.  While he's been in therapy for a few months now and has great receptive language, we have still yet to hear any true words.  I have all the faith in the world that my little guy will talk when he's ready and feels confident, but let me tell you,  I cannot wait until I hear "momma" leave those sweet lips of his.  I am more than ready, to say the least.

Gosh, isn't he dreamy?

He's definitley my little adventurer who n e v e r stops.  Seriously, sitting's fun too, Theron Drake.[I'm talking to you, kid.]

But, that's not the purpose of the blog today.

Today we're talking gallery walls.  Are you sick of them yet? I'm not.  In fact, it's one of the most consistent things I am drawn to in home decor.  I'm not a stickler for all one color frames, or perfect symmetrical layouts; to each their own.

I'm sure most people give my ideas the side eye. Ha!

Here's what we started with when we moved in this summer:

And, here's what we've been living with for the past couple of months.  Sorry for the blah photo but I snapped this one right before bed the other night.

I am loving our white walls and I haven't been too quick to just fill them with placeholders.  I wanted to make sure that I was truly digging the gallery wall direction before I just bought/made things to fill the space.

I basically am obsessed with Emily Henderson's design eye and have had this picture [photo by Zeke Ruelas] saved on my pinterest for what seems like forever.

It finally dawned on me that this could totally work in our space.  The similarities of this space and mine made it easy for me to envision this setup at home.  We both have mid century dressers-turned-tv stands, white walls [yum!] and round ottomans.

It became my inspiration for the scale and size of our TV wall, which is definitely a work in progress.

I snapped that picture on Instagram yesterday and then decided to add the butterfly art later on.  I still have a couple more pieces to add but will do that in time.  

The "I want to have adventures with you" and butterfly pieces are actually a hand towel and fabric runner from H&M home.  You can find them here and here.  

The silver leaf canvas was a DIY project that I blogged about here.  The small daffodil needlepoint was a thrifting find.  

You guys remember the "This is so the happy place" DIY from the other day and the floral needlepoint and paint by numbers pieces were flea market & Goodwill finds. 

Like I said earlier, I am definitely not finished with the wall, but soon will be! I need some plants to ground the space but I'm not in a hurry to get some because my black thumb is out in full force. I don't have any tricks or tutorials to share for my gallery wall process.  I simply just eyeball where I want the frame to go and nail some holes.  Sometimes I get it right the first time, and other times I have a few extra nail holes in my wall.  While not perfect, it's always worked for me. Those of you who are more precise might want to do the whole template method!

Have a great week, friends!



LifeBegins@Thirty said...

Wall is looking fantastic!!

(as an aside, Luca also isn't really talking yet if that makes you feel better. He is 17 months and while he can say mama and dada, he doesn't know what they mean and has yet to say anything else. I know it is stressful! Hope the appointment today helps!)

Paulette Fletcher said...

I really like your wall. I'm just like you about it, just put them up and they will look perfect. I've got an expansive wall behind my TV and have been working on a gallery wall for some time now. The fun part is the process of getting there.

Emily @ DavenportDIY said...

Looks great!! Also...the instagram pic looks like it belongs in a magazine. You have amazing photography skills!

Myssie@PendletonMarket said...

I love the wall! It looks great! I want to get a fiddle leaf fig tree but can't find one locally...are you having any luck finding them? I love everything about your living looks awesome!

Unknown said...

Loving your living room updates! I hope the appt goes well -- little Avery is 2.5 and finally getting more interested in using his words, its always a happy dance when he using a new word over here, this morning it was waffle! Hang in there and I know what your going though, big hug!

Freckles Chick said...

Theron Drake is the dreamiest, love this kid. I have a feeling he's just going to unleash a flood of words one day, out of the blue. Quinn's 2 weeks from turning 2 & her buddies are all forming 4-5 word sentences whereas my girl prefers to blurt out one-word "sentences". It still boggles my mind how different each kid is.

And your living room?!?! Emily Henderson herself would be floored!!! Your photos are out of this world!!



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