Friday, February 8, 2013

One More Valentine's Day Decor Update

I mentioned in my last Valentine's Day decor post that I had plans to print out the free scrapbook printable I linked in my post.  This weekend I finally got around to it and I think it completes the love day decor in our home.

I can't get enough of  the heart trend and I wouldn't mind keeping this up for awhile after Valentine's Day comes and goes.  This little spot is just so happy!

p.s.  Our little kiddo is 10 months old today! Holy cow--it seems to have flown by!  He's such a little stinker.  Looks like this momma has a first birthday to start planning.

[Love his sweet face, snotty nose and all]


1 comment:

Kirsten Krason said...

Your boy is just TOO cute! Love the heart banner :)


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