Sunday, September 2, 2012



Today is your birthday and I just wanted to tell you "Happy Birthday. I love you so much!" Actually there is more that I want to tell you, otherwise this would be quite a short blog post. I'll try to add some more substance to it. Now I know I'm not supposed to say how old you are (a gentleman never asks and a lady never tells) but I will say that you are not 20 and you are not 40 (I think your secret is safe, wink). Of all of your years, this one has been equal parts exciting and joyous and painful and a struggle (I'm talking about you know who). But, as weird as this may sound, I am so thankful that I experienced this out of control year with you and we went through it together. We always said we are a great team and this was proof positive of that. All of us have made it almost 5 months with you know who and you say that you couldn't have done it without me. Well, I couldn't have done it without you. There were times that is was harder on me than I let on, but I knew that WE would make it through those early months together so I had to be there to make sure the WE survived. I love you!

Watching you with Theron warms my heart more than I could ever explain. You have never had anything close to a maternal instinct and to see one makes me so happy! Soon you will be playing Barbies trucks and enjoying it because Theron likes it so much. Your compassion for those that you love and care for is so far beyond anything anyone could imagine. I know that Theron is going to get the brunt of that and I couldn't ask for anything. You may not always like parts of the child that we have but I know that you will love being a mom! I love you!

I'm a weirdo. I'm strange. I'm not like normal people. Yet you love me! Anytime I talk to people about you I always say you are the nice one and a better person than I am. I mean that. It sounds selfish to say I love you because you put up with me, but I love that you put up with me. You have known me for as long as your Seniors in class have been alive, which warrants a medal of some sort. Thank you for being there for me and loving me more as time has gone on and the better you have gotten to know me. I love you!

Your demeanor, outlook, attitude, character, soul, heart, morals, etc etc is second to none. You are the best person that I know! This paragraph will be short because the only way to know what I mean is to know you and anyone that knows will agree and anyone that doesn't know you will not understand. I love you!

We're not supposed to buy gifts (even though someone has a tough time remembering that) and you know that I don't think material items properly convey feelings. So I am giving you this poorly written post and this promise: I will love you on this birthday and every birthday you ever have with the days in between filled with an equal amount of love for good measure!

I end with a picture that truly represents us! You know what picture it is even before seeing it and that is truly why I love you!


Cori said...

Best. Husband. Happy birthday Jo! Love you! You have many reasons to celebrate and to be celebrated this year! XO!

Anonymous said...

To my beautiful daughter, I love you with all my heart. I admire and respect the awesome young woman and mother you have become! I think you are as beautiful of a person inside as you our outside. I wish you the best birthday ever! Happy 30th Birthday Dear Daughter! Love Mom and
To David, A parent has a child (scary stuff), tries to raise them as best they know how (you learn as you go), then love them (unconditionally always), have hopes and dreams for them (billions!), make sacrifices (as you have found out) and enjoy them immensely for all their years, again unconditionally! Then you want that child to grow up into a good person, that is happy healthy, loving, moral, etc. Then you want that person to be happy... Well, thank you David, for loving "my child" as much as you do and for being there for her, sharing with her, helping, her and loving her and Theron so much. I couldn't ask for more than I have received, because I have a wonderful daughter I love with all my heart and she is happy. I have a awesome little Grandson that I love immensely! Plus, I have an awesome son-in-law that loves my child and her child so much, what more can I say, but Thank you David. Love Mom, Grandma and Mom-in-law : )

Allison aka Half of VAMH said...

Awwww, sweet post! Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

I love this post for many reasons some obvious and some not but mainly because it shows the unconditionally love a family has between husband and wife, mother and child, mother-in-law and son-in-law. Not all of us have this full family love. Cherish it.

Michael said...

Aww...a beautifully written post, Dave! Glad things are looking up with that precious baby boy. If it's any consolation, my mother always reminds me that I was an absolute horrible baby (that's why my sister and I are 9 years apart) but it was smooth sailin' after that first year. And I'm just about close to perfect now, so you can expect good things to come from Theron in the future ;)

A very happy not 20, not 40 birthday to's been a big year for you and I wish you all the best today and always!

Take care, guys!

Freckles Chick said...

{Haha @ Michael's comment!}

This has got to be THE sweetest, funniest, most real & heartfelt birthday tribute I've ever read! You deserve a freaking medal for the motherhood experience you've had (you BOTH do, but you know, Dave's would be a fatherhood medal, just so we're clear). J, though we've yet to meet IRL, I've known that you're super genuine, kind, & full of heart--Dave's blog post just proves it. =]


P.S. I'm STILL laughing about his maternal instinct comment!! Same here. In fact, been thinking that there must be some sort of parental amnesia to make some people out there want more than one kid. Thinking we might be "one & done". =]

Julie S. said...

What a sweet post! :) Happy (belated) Birthday!

Melissa Beck said...

sweetest dude ever.

Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

So sweet, hubby! Hey, does it mean I'm not a lady because I tell my age on my blog?? Oops.

Jen @ RamblingRenovators said...

What an awesome birthday gift Dave. Well done! Its obvious that Joi and Theron are lucky to have you in their lives.

Joi, a happy belated birthday to you. This mom thing can be tough but it sounds like the clouds are slowly lifting overhead. These tough days will be but a memory someday soon. Hang in there! xo, Jen

Sharstin said...

this is so sweet. he is a keeper. happy birthday pretty gal!


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