Monday, January 2, 2012

Excited for 2012 + New Stuff For Sale!

Found on Pinterest // Can be purchased from Etsy

That onesie pretty much says it all. In just {give or take} three short months David and I will be responsible for another human life. Holy cow. We say it everyday how crazy it is and now it's getting real....very real. Thanks so much to everyone who chimed in on my registry help request. You guys took time out of your days to help us out and we appreciate it so much. ¡¡Muchas Gracias!!

This year has so much in store for us and we are busting at the seams with anticipation, fear, excitement, and joy! I hope you guys are ready for 2012 as much as we are.

To start this year off right, David and I donated 11 boxes and bags of stuff to the Goodwill on Saturday. We, ok I, have collected so much stuff that we just simply don't have room for once the little dude makes his appearance. It felt glorious to drop those items off and I hope someone gets some joy out of something I used to as well.

I also added some items to the "For Sale" page of the blog if you're interested. I'll be adding stuff here and there as I get around to it.

So tell me...what are your big plans for twenty-twelve? : )


p.s. All you St. Louis readers...I can be found here later today, too!


Kerry said...

You two must be over the moon excited! I still look at our little peanut everyday - who is over 5 months now - and can't believe we made this little life... and that she is ours to love! :)

We're working on taking down our Christmas decor and cleaning and purging today! Happy New Year!

My Beloved Life said...

What an exciting time for you! Best wishes for a lovely 2012!


lori said...

What a great way to start the year...a huge trip to goodwill :). It is AMAZING how much gear a little person brings with them! Parenthood is a wild journey. This will be an exciting year for you guys!

(and thanks for the comment about your countertops that you left on my blog. I am SO sold on it!!!!)

Sharstin said...

Cannot believe little mister will be here so soon, I am ecstatic for you guys~ 2012 will be unforgettable for sure:)

Suzie said...

LOL! Perfect!

designchic said...

Such an exciting time...can't wait to follow along!!

Mrs. Limestone said...

How adorable is that onesie?

Im not sure if I already congratulated you or not (i feel like its quite a baby boom lately) but wanted to send you all the best.

What an exciting year ahead for you!


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