Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sweet Deal + Registry Help

Hey guys! Happy Thursday. Today I've got my big glucose test and I am hoping to pass. I've heard some pretty awful stories about the stuff they make you drink, but that's ok. I'm happy to get to do it. : )

Yesterday David and his dad painted the nursery, installed some custom closet shelving, and put the crib together. It's getting very real and just a little bit scary. Baby boy is coming in a few short months whether we're ready or not.

The other day while shopping at Home Goods, David and I found this adorable white giraffe lamp for only $30! It's the perfect addition to our whimsical nursery and we couldn't be more pleased to have purchased it.

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We scored quite the deal since the Jonathan Adler version retails for nearly $400.


I can't wait for the room to come together so I have something to share with all of you.

Oh, and this weekend David and I are planning to register. We're a little overwhelmed and could use any tips, tricks, or advice on baby items that you've loved or hated. We're all ears.

Have a very happy new year!!



Handbags*and*Pigtails said...

After having two kids my biggest piece of advice is: theres so much you dont need with a baby! Every gadget, swing, bouncy seat,etc... This is purely my opinion but it takes up a ton of space and you end up not needing most of it. Think about your daily life and tailor your registry to that.
If you have lots of family and friends nearby, you'll have plenty of hands to hold the baby and wont need tons of equipment:) It becomes more of a hassle than anything else.

Melissa Beck said...

Very whimsical! ;) Love you!
As far as the registry...people always want to buy the newborn stuff...however, the baby isn't in newborn sizes for long...don't forget to register for 3 month, 6 month, 9 month stuff too- even diapers. You'll only need newborn diapers for about 2-3 weeks - at least with my giant kids :)
Don't forget a boppy (very handy), ear thermometer, lots of swaddling blankets so you can use them for changing, etc.

lori said...

Congrats!! So happy for you guys on your bundle of joy :). When we registered, I had no idea what to get. The one item that we did register for and turned out to be an absolute lifesaver for us was a bouncy chair. My son had very bad reflux and had to sleep on an incline, so this was perfect. And I will agree with the previous comment as far as getting things for older babies as well. Sometimes you realize at 3a.m. you need something and it is nice to have it there :)

Oh, don't worry about the glucose test! It is not as bad as everyone makes it out to be. I was terrified because I only drink water and was certain the sugary liquid would make me sick. (and i was told if i threw up i would have to keep taking it!). It wasn't bad and I passed the first time. You'll be fine! :)

Jennifer said...

Great find on the lamp!

I found it helpful when registering to have a friend who has had a baby/babies to go with you once and make sure you have all of the essentials (beyond the cute, fun stuff for the registry) toiletries/feeding, etc. :) Also, put everything you need, including big things...people will go on them together and it helps you out a bunch!

MV said...

Cute lamp! My advice is to not bother registering for clothes. People buy what they want anyway and the stores move clothes quickly so they tend to be out of stock by the time people make purchases.

Our favorite/most used items were: Aden and Anais swaddle blankets, Rock and Play (we used it like a cradle for sleeping), side snap long sleeve t-shirts, Halo sleep sacks, baby bathtub, Ergo with insert, bouncy or vibrating chair.

Have fun!

Natalie said...

I love that lamp! I am still decorating our nursery since my son decided to make his debut early and now he is almost 4 months, time flies by!

Some of my favorite items: The Fisher Price Seahorse (great for soothing), Halo sleep sacks, Aden & Anais blankets, Gerber or Carters cloth diapers (for burp rags), Fisher Price Snugabunny bouncer and swing, an activity mat, white noise machine (we just use a fan), wipes warmer (he does fine with cold wipes but this makes cleaning a breeze), Dr. Brown's bottles, Baby Comfy nose and saline spray, Fisher Price Whale tub, Medela PISA pump and a hands free bra ... that is what I can think of off hand! As far as the carseat and stroller, I wouldn't get a travel system if you can help it. They are not in them very long and are pretty bulky! We have a travel system and I wish I would have just got a separate carseat and stroller that is smaller, like the City Mini. If you need more recommendations just e-mail me :)

Miss Chelsea said...

That is adorable!

Lindsay said...

I just love that lamp! It will fit your whimsical nursery perfectly.

LifeBegins@Thirty said...

Cute lamp!

Kristen@StayAtHomeLife said...

My favorite things when I had my daughter were
-My sleep sack. I started using it when she was old enough to roll over. It kept her warm even if she wiggled out of her blankets but still left her arms free and she could kick her legs. My friends all swear by them too.

-Sophie the Giraffe. It's way overpriced but honestly was my daughter's preferred teething toy and worth the money.

-I also loved my Bumbo chair and tray because it doubled as a high chair when we went anywhere until she got too big for it. And a swing was wonderful, but they really only use it for a short time You don't really stick an 8 month old into a swing haha. I'd recommend borrowing one - ours was used for only the first couple of months and not even that often. Preferred my bouncy seat as I used that to bring her in the bathroom when I showered, to put on the table while I made dinner, and it was small enough to take with us places. On nights when I was up all night I would lay on the couch and rock the bouncy seat with my foot to get some rest.
-We got a high chair that was just a seat that sits on a regular chair. I much preferred that as it took up less space, and it was less "In your face" baby gear in my pretty room. It was less expensive and turns into a booster seat later.

Lynett said...

Love the lamp! Can't wait to see it all come together!

Julie S. said...

I love the lamp!

Definitely register for clothes up to 12 months in size! And diapers in bigger sizes, too! The Itzbeen timer was a lifesaver for me!

Other things: extra crib sheet/mattress pad, changing table cover, monitor, thermometer, first aid kit.

Ashley said...

Oh the registry. It is a fun and scary thing isn't it? :) To tell you the truth we didn't receive all that much off our registry, but I'm glad we were able to use the 10% completion coupon.

Here is a link to my baby gear guide:

In there I also link to Shawna's of Styleberry Blog. I swear she tends to know all the cool fun stuff that you wouldn't necessarily find at Babies R Us. Good luck!

Rica said...

I can't wait to see your nursery it's gonna be so adorable & unique! I recommend a bouncy, bumbo, wipes warmer, diaper pail, and most important, because i use this all the time with my 4 month old, bjorn baby carrier. It comes in handy when you cant put the baby down but need to do stuff.

designchic said...

How adorable...such a great find and it looks so much like the Jonathan Adler...lucky you!!

Pineapples and Pickles said...

Great find on the lamp! I used this checklist to register. It didn't disappoint.

Happy New Year!

Freckles Chick said...

Sweet deal on the Adler-esque lamp, J! Baby S is going to adore it.

I skimmed the other comments & everyone's recs are great. When we registered I thought I was going to cry, it was so overwhelming! What helped us:
1. We printed our registry & gave it to a friend who's an experienced mom. She looked it over & really helped us edit.

2. Places like Babies R Us give you a list of "must-haves" but it goes overboard so just use it as a guideline!

3. If you're planning to breastfeed, don't bother registering for too many bottles (we were gifted so many bottles we're never going to use so I've donated them). I found that I really only need 3 bottles at any time, even on the days when I exclusively pump & give Quinn breastmilk via bottle. If breastfeeding doesn't work out, you can always have Dave run out & get the bottles you actually need.

4. Eat before you go register b/c you'll need stamina. Hunger + baby registry = meltdown =]

Items we currently use all the time:
*Chicco car seat (we prefer it over Graco brand; if you have 2 cars, register for an extra base--so convenient)
*a snap & go stroller (inexpensive & you can just drop the car seat into it--don't spend too much $$ on a stroller that he'll outgrow in a few months)
*baby sling (we have a Moby wrap & it's the only way Quinn will nap right now plus it frees up your hands)
*a Pack & Play
*Halo Sleep Sack Swaddle (w/ velcro)
*Medela dual automatic breastpump
*FIsher Price vibrating Rainforest seat (great for those "alert" times & it's the only way to occupy Quinn while I shower--I just place it in the bathroom doorway)
*front zip-up one piece sleepers (w/ the little footsies) b/c tryng to pull a onesie over a newborn's head can be a tortorous experience!

Whoa, longest comment EVER. I'm sure I'm forgetting something...I'm always available if you have q's!

Lovely Little Nest said...

Oh my gosh, that giraffe lamp is such a great find! I've had it saved in my "baby" file for over a year and I'm not even pregnant! lol

Mandaliah said...

Baby Gizmo book and website are both very helpful, I used the book to determine necessities and the website for reviews of particular items. Best wishes!

Mandaliah said...

Baby Gizmo book and website are both very helpful, I used the book to determine necessities and the website for reviews of particular items. Best wishes!

jessica obrien said...

too cute!!! what a great find. i love it for a nursery, especially. whimsical and youthful, yet chic.

Joi said...

@Everybody-Thanks a TON for all of the helpful tips. You guys are the best. : )

Sharstin said...

That lamp is such a fantastic find!! The registry thing is so tough, but you have all ready got some great advice so I will say ditto:)

Suzie said...

Have to give it up to you, Joi! Who else would find the perfect JA giraffe knockoff! You are such an amazing bargain hunter. I'm so excited to see the finished nursery and I can't believe he's gonna be here so soon.

Anonymous said...

Great Score on the lamp girl, congrats on everything!


Jenny @ Anything Pretty said...

Love this lamp....what a steal and it will look amazing in your space! My biggest baby gear piece of advice is the book baby bargains. We were so lost and it really helped us wade through it all. Good luck!

andy said...

a good swaddle blanket is a must. especially if it turns out he is "colicy" or has reflux.

this one is cute, its nice and big which is very important.

this one is awesome and is good for the beginner swaddler. :)


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