Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Randoms

Well, in just a couple of hours my mom, maw maw, and I are to embark on our way out to Las Vegas! The posting might be a little minimal around here until I return...I am trying to get the Mr. to post so we will see if he obliges.

Before I leave I wanted to share with you two great finds I picked up for this trip. And, the lazy me again only has cell phone pics. Don't be mad. You aren't, right? Those cell phone cams are just too darn convenient! : )

First, I picked up this huge makeup bag from TJ Maxx for $8.00! I am using it to carry on some makeup and my brushes just in case! I love the ikat/chevron goodness. Yum.


I also have been meaning to share this find for quite sometime now! I wanted a cross-body bag for Vegas and I did a lot of searching in stores and online for the perfect choice. I came across this vintage Louis Vuitton Saint Cloud bag and I made her mine.


She's the perfect size and will allow me to have my hands free while I'm strolling the strip and doing the tourist thing.

Finally {and this really has nothing to do with Vegas}, I scooped up this random scarf from Old Navy. The pic doesn't show how it has the prettiest gold shimmer to it, but trust me, it does.


I bought this from the sale rack and plan to use it to sew a cover for the bolster pillow that will go on our bed {remember the one I told you we just bought?}. I never expected to find such a pretty fabric at Old Navy of all places! That just goes to show you to always think outside the box. My mom doesn't know it yet, but she's going to be helping me with this little project. I found an easy tutorial that I think we can tackle together here. Thanks in advance, mom!

That's it for me! Have a fabulous weekend and try to stay cool during this crazy heat wave. I've saved all your recs from my Vegas post and hope to do most of the things you guys suggested. Thanks for taking the time to help us out.

P.S. My twitter handle is @joidan82. I plan to be posting a lot of twit pics from the vaca! I'd love to have you as a follower.

P.P.S. I added some fun stuff to the "For Sale" page on the blog! I hope you check it out! : )



rap and tric said...

OMG, i had no idea you were going to be there this weekend too! We will be there until Wednesday, hope to run into you!! :) safe travel and have fun!

Anonymous said...

have fun! and sooo jelly of your makeup bag!!

Collins @ Life. Mostly Sweet. said...

everyone seems to be going to vegas these days! hope you have a great time and take lots of pics!
oh and great find on the makeup bag...makes me want to hit up tj and marshalls!

Sharstin said...

loving your great finds! hope you are loving vegas!

Lovely Little Nest said...

Oh my gosh, I want that makeup bag!!! Hope you have a blast in Vegas! :)

Unknown said...

Love your new bag - well really both of them ;)

Suzie said...

Great finds, Joi! Love the zigzag bag...


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