Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I Still Think I Need More Pumpkins

A girl can never have too many pumpkins, right? It's sorta like my philosophy with shoes. Pumpkins during fall make me smile just like my shoes do all year round.


This weekend was relaxing and we got to pick out some pumpkins from a local farmer. I am really picky about mine and went to two different places before I found ones I would call my own. I like them to be smooth, have a symmetrical shape, and be as color consistent as possible.


Yeah, just a tad.


I also picked up those ginormous mums for just $5 a pop. Not too shabby.


I've got some more simple fall decorations coming, so stay tuned. I don't go crazy with my decor, but I do involve a little glitter. My father in law would be so proud. ; )

And, I can't wait to carve my pumpkins really soon. I loved what I did last year and am thinking about doing something similar.

Have you picked out your pumpkins yet?



Karen said...

I'm really picky too. I always create pumpkin topiaries for my porch and my husband gets recruited to help me find ones that are symmetrical and also flat on the bottom so they will stack nicely.

Since you love pumpkins so much, you could put a few in the flower beds in front of your shrubs.

Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

i would so love to decorate too but we dont really celebrate Halloween!

Gray Skies said...

Yay, pumpkins! My husband and I are going to pick pumpkins this Saturday and then carve them. Can you believe that he has never carved a pumpkin before?! I was shocked when he told me that.

Jeannine | The Small and Chic Home said...

I'm totally picky! Marc has to wade through the selection with me and hold up, then rotate, and candidates before we settle.

This is important stuff, after all!

I did rick rack on my pumpkins last year...I might try to drill thing this time around!

Sharstin said...

your porch looks great! love the mums and pretty pumpkins! i am with you--you can never have enough~

Suzie said...

No..... I'm too lazy to do pumpkins. :(

I should get my ass in gear and pick up some pumpkins, but I'm to busy catching up on Sister Wives. ;)

Jenny @ Anything Pretty said...

You already have such a great start! I have been a little slow on getting to the pumpkins (and mums) this year, but I swear it will happen this weekend. I loved how you carved yours last year!

Lynett said...

Well, I love the ones you've picked so far, but yeah MORE! Can't wait to see what you come up with this year :)

Lisa said...

I completely agree! I spent way too long looking through everything at the pumpkin farm to find the perfectly round and healthiest looking pumpkin! I also got a few small ones for a centerpiece : )

Unknown said...

I love your pumpkins! You are right, though, they need to be a good shape. I have fallen in love with the fairy tale pumpkins the last few years.

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

You make me laugh. I'm usually picky about pumpkins, too. This year, I just took what grew. I'm more flexible when I don' thave to pay for them. ;)

Your mums look lovely, too. I love fall.

Kate said...

Very glad to find your blog for the first time today :)
I, too, can never have enough pumpkins! On a roadtrip last fall, my husband and I were amazed at the beautiful and AFFORDABLE ones in Indianapolis... so we loaded up our small convertible with them and drove all the way back to Atlanta.
Well worth the cramped journey :)


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