Sunday, April 25, 2010

Gotta Question? I Have An Answer.

So it seems like the newest thing {to me at least} and lots of bloggers are doing it, so I decided it was time I join the party, too! : )

Ask me anything and I'll be happy to respond! I get emails here and there {mostly about DIY projects or colors/fabrics/stores etc.} and I think it'd be easier to answer all of those questions on formspring rather than in the comment field where that person may forget to return to get the answer.

So ask away if you feel so inclined!



1 comment:

Leslie G said...

Can I ask a few?

Of course I have to ask the baby question. =) Do you guys want kids?

Also, you're a spanish teacher, right? Are you Hispanic, and if not, where did you learn spanish?

How many sibs do you have?


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