Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I'm home!

I made it back in one piece from Spain! We had the best time ever and the trip absolutely flew by! There were some kinks at the beginning, but everything worked its way out quite beautifully! I am in the process of editing and uploading over 1000 pics so I promise as soon as I am finished I will be back in business. Thanks for sticking with me and reading {or not reading} my better half's banter. He's a hoot and don't say I didn't warn you! ; )

I'll leave you with a couple of pics that I've already uploaded for just a little taste of EspaƱa!
Many more to come. : )


Anonymous said...

Welcome home! I can't wait to see pics!

Oona Johnson said...

Beautiful pics so far! So jealous!

Lynett said...

Welcome back Joi! Can't wait to see the pics! BTW, Dave is hilarious!

BigBlueHouse270 said...

You take great pictures!

I've enjoyed reading your blog for a few weeks and decided to comment so it felt less stalkerish :P

Leslie G said...

I can't wait to see pictures. That first one of you in front of what looks like a huge door (?) is amazing. I LOVE LOVE LOVE spanish architecture.

Suzie said...

Welcome home, Joi! Can't wait to see more photos!


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