Saturday, July 4, 2009

An Assist from Ol Blue Eyes

This will be my final blog post (please keep your cheers down). Joi is scheduled to return home tonight and she will take her rightful place behind the laptop tomorrow. But I wanted to take this time for a reflection on the amazing time we have spent together. Unfortunately I could not do this alone and I needed the help of Frank Sinatra.

Watch and enjoy.


Mrs. Limestone said...

Bravo to you for blogging while Joi is away. (And yes, I stuck through the whole video!) I've asked Mr. Limestone to blog as a surprise guest but he refuses. :)

Tomcon00 said...

You are a trip to say the least! You did this video just for fun and I just wish I knew how to make a video like that! Don't worry, I don't think you lost any bloggers! They probably had fun watching what you would do next. Oh yeah, after dinner yesterday...We rain in to Emily and Tim at Target! See you tonight to pic up Joi.

Love ya Mom-Connie

J said...

Dave, what a perfect video for the end of your blogging. I have enjoyed your blogs and you are so funny and yes i watched the whole video you kept us entertained while Joi was gone. Joi will have to let you write a blog a week or every two weeks.
Welcome home Joi and I am sure you have not lost any bloggers !!!!

Debra said...

Ah ha ha... I can't beleive you made a video!!! It's been a hoot reading your blogs!



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