Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Colorado Scenery

On our free day in Colorado before my cousin Melissa's wedding day, we decided to head out to the mall to dome some shopping at two of my most favorite home stores, West Elm and Z Gallerie. Both stores are ones I do not have at home so I was in home decor heaven! I miss Z Gallerie so much...it's almost a little sad my love for that store. {Don't judge ; ) }
I purchased a couple cute things from each store. One being a pretty decanter/vase thingy from the Z and a couple of white lacquer boxes from WE, on sale no less! I found it quite comical that most of my extended family kept referring to it as "Elm Street." Cute.
After a little bit of shopping {we got to hit up Sephora and Louis Vuitton, too!} we headed a little bit South of Denver to see the natural rock formations at Garden of the Gods.
Maw Maw and I couldn't remember if we had been there before, but I'm leaning toward "yes." You don't really forget something like this! The rocks were unbelievably tall and so huge you can't really imagine unless you're there. They were absolutely breathtaking. We were lucky because the weather agreed and was sunny, breezy, and not too hot! I was the chauffeur while Maw Maw and my cousin Veronica got to sit back and enjoy the ride.
The "Kissing Camels" formation...can you spot them?
Not only did we get to see the rocks, we also were in Pike's Peak territory and got to see it, too!
On our way back to the hotel we made a stop at quite possibly the biggest outlet mall I have ever been to! The crowd was non-existent and the retail therapy was a nice way to end our day! I got some super cheap stuff at Gap Outlet {my fav!} and I made my first purchase at the Coach Outlet.
Now usually I'm not a fan of the logos but for some reason I have always wanted a little wristlet. Well, they were offering 10% off coupons as you walked in the door so one made its way home with me. : )

The day was long but incredibly enjoyable. Too bad we didn't have time to make it up to the Rocky Mountain National Park, but our view from our hotel window gave us a constant look at the Denver skyline which included city buildings with a mountain backdrop...lovely.

Wedding pics and recap to come tomorrow! : )



###### said...

those photos are just great! wow, you did good...i love the WE purchase..how much were the boxes..i dont usually find anything on sale at WE here.

melissa said...

It looks like you guys had a great time! Colorado is beautiful- I'd love to go back one day with the kids! I especially like the picture with the sun shining over the big rock with the flowers/cacti in the front.

Julie S. said...

Those photos are gorgeous! Colorado has lots to offer- I was there numerous times as a child, because I grew up in Nebraska! Enjoy!

lindsey said...

Stunning photos!

Freckles Chick said...

I'm still so bummed we couldn't meet up, Joi-joi. =[

Stunning pics! We take it for granted that we live in such a beautiful state. Seeing it thru your eyes really makes me appreciate CO even more!

Oooh, where are the white accessories going? Fab finds! (Those outlet stores are forever taunting me with their offerings.)

J said...

like the white accessories you bought the bag is cute!!! beutiful scenery and u took some wonderful pics. Glad you all got to go and especially Veronica she needed it.

Suzie said...

Love the lacquered boxes! Maw Maw is looking good, Joi!

Joi said...

Tam-the boxes were about $20 for both of them!

Suzie-Thanks! Maw Maw is such a fighter and the sweetest woman on earth! Thanks for noticing : )

FC-I am beyond bummed that we didn't get to meet. There *will* be a next time!

Unknown said...

Your pic are stunning! Fab job!


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