Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Vote However You Like

So cool. Democrat or Republican-check it out, please. This is the obvious end result of amazing teaching and promising students.

Love it.


ROXY said...

this is great!!!

SAB said...

This is really awesome. I never thought I would cry during a rap song, but these kids are really inspiring and reminded me what an amazing this it is to have the right to have an opinon on our country's leader. Thanks for sharing.

Libbi said...

that's it!

Kim & Ryan said...

This is awesome. Thanks for sharing.

suzie said...

That was excellent! Ha!

Carly said...

Thanks so much for posting this!
I NEED to teach at the Ron Clark Academy! That place is amazing!
This is so cool!

Joi said...


I was just telling Dave that same thing last night. That school looks like a dream school. I am pushing him to apply there {I know it's probably a stretch} but he is their type of educator!!!! I am nowhere near talented enough to be a staff member but their work inspires me!

: )

The Juggling Francophile said...


I force myself to keep my lips zipped at work when it comes to politics. The students, of course, have their own opinions, and I love that they do. I'll bet those kids were able to put a LOT of their own ideas into that rap. Fun stuff!

...Kinda reminds me of our pledge-active social!


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